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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Sep 29, 2021.

  1. “Squid Game, which debuted only nine days ago, is on track to become the #1 Netflix original series of all time, and it’s currently #1 in most countries as we speak.”

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  2. It does feel really true to how a lot of rich folk behave and think though. I agree it was dissatisfying as I watched but I've been wondering if my disappointment stems from just never being able to understand the disgusting but often extreme callousness of the filthy rich, which maybe means the choice works in that sense.
  3. I have to say, despite having enjoyed most of the season, I don't get the immense hype around it. It all fizzled out in the end a bit for me, and I think it could have been tied up in a much better way. I don't think any of the later moments came anywhere close to the impact of the first game, which was really masterfully done, and I found most of those long ass backstory expositions tiring instead of engaging. The games are obviously fun and the concept is great, but I found it hard to root for the characters cause most of them (except Sae-byeok and the detective who I just wanted to have sex with) lack complexity. The main in particular is a snooze, and his brother is not much more than a one-dimensional vile douchebag. The second episode felt like an unnecessary detour.

    Episode 6 seems to get a lot of praise, but my favorite moment was actually an episode later when it turns out that 212 was chilling in her bed while the rest were losing their heads and that she got spared just because she wasn't picked. The gag!
  4. [​IMG]

    An icon.
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  5. It's exactly how I justified that plot line. Trashy rich people acting trashy.
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  6. I think they just couldn't act ddd
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  7. The series largely avoided stereotypes and managed to shade even the most one dimensional characters. They did have a lot more time with the contestant though and I guess the VIPs were supposed to represent the entire 1%. Or the writer couldn't write better english dialogue.

    I do hate that the only LGBTQ character was a disgusting creeper though.
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  8. They are so cute <3
  9. I got through this whole thing this week.
    I started off engaged and could even say hooked, but a lot of my interest went away in episode 6
    The game itself was boring, the old man's behaviour weird and I guess already knowing the 'twist' didn't help
    and then episode 7 with the absolute wooden acting and terrible exposition written by a 3 year old dialogue of the white men lost me completely. I finished it off more out of duty than enjoyment.
    Also 212's incessant shrieking went through me

    The main thing I'll take from this is Wi Ha-joon.
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  10. Am I the only one that wants to get destroyed by Park Hae Soo? Wi Ha Joon is so bland in that jock way. Maybe I've gotten too old.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Hard same. The scenes of him smoking in the suit and the entire last few episodes of him with the gash on his cheek were relevant to my interests. I could've changed Sang-woo, that wasn't the real him <3

    I get the whole "rich people are just bored" message, but it just felt so cartoonish that the meat of the social issues faced by the characters weren't really confronted. I agree that
    212's death was also very pointlessly. She was kooky, but at no point did it hint to her being suicidal

    I realize I have lots of issues with the script dddd but I'd still rank this as one of the better series I've watched in a long time, overall. Watching it is a whole different experience.
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  13. "We're gganbu, remember?"
  14. I'm only two episodes in, but I need the Squid Game tracksuit in my life immediately.
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  15. I wonder how many Squid Game guard costumes there will be this Halloween.
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  16. It’s the #1 trending on Halloween costumes according to this article so far.

    Trending Halloween costumes:
    • Squid Game
    • Gorilla
    • Britney Spears
    • Carnage
    • Venom
    I just know tracksuits will be unironically back at some point.
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  18. I'm guessing it's because of dubbing. So that they could dub their voices easily dd. It's why they never spoke over each other.

    I definitely LOVED episode 1 and then the rest were great. Once I realised what was happening in Episode 6 I could not enjoy it.

    Also I HATE that I guessed all the twists, the brother behind the mask, the suitcase containing the money etc.
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  19. Also

  20. Also (3) every time they passed this room...

    I got:

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