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St Lucia - "Elevate" + When The Night

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MiChiMadNesS, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. "Utopia I" out now.

    There'll be a YouTube release party later today as well.

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  2. I adored the first album, but haven’t been able to get into anything released after that, unfortunately.
  3. This is a surprisingly really, really solid project, he did great exploring this kind of intergalatic, "space disco"-inspired electropop, like, I can imagine acts like Starfucker and M83 singing the hell of these songs.

    The Golden Age and Memory are so, so good!
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  5. "Touch" out at midnight.

    "Utopia" to follow on October 7.


    1. () - 1:06
    2. Separate World - 4:52
    3. Another Lifetime - 4:37
    4. Rocket On My Feet - 4:07
    5. The Golden Age - 4:47
    6. Memory - 3:15
    7. Take Me Away - 4:51
    8. Touch - 4:09
    9. Gimme The Night - 4:02
    10. )( - 2:22
    11. Shame - 4:27
    12. ... - 1:33
    13. Hey Now - 4:45
    (Edited to added track lengths)
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  6. Just popping in to say that I’m listening to St. Lucia for the first time in years. I went off then after their debut, and just happened to listen to Separate World while listening to some 80s hits.. this song is massive! I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on them for all these years. Gotta check out the rest
  7. "Hey Now" out August 12.

  8. Separate World…whew!
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  9. "Touch" remixes released today.

  10. Touch is excellent. They're serving good this era damn.
  11. "Take Me Away" out September 9.

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