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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, May 11, 2012.

  1. So there are some things to know about St. Lucia:

    1. Their debut EP is literally perfect summer music. It's also very good. It's been out since March but I have been busy. It's blognip while also being Popjustice-friendly. It's heavy on melody, exquisitely produced, emotional, well-written, and fun. It's like a less John Hughes obsessed M83. Or a catchier Air France.

    2. You can stream it all here:

    3. "Before the Dive" (Song of the Day: and "All Eyes On You" are the standouts. There is an incredible and moody sax middle eight in "All Eyes On You."

    4. I don't really know much about the "people" involved but I think it's a girl and a guy and the guy is fine:
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  2. Yes, this EP is lovely - was listening to it again yesterday in fact.

    Another nice little release to check out for some summery music is Ben Browning's Lover Motion EP. He's the bassist from Cut Copy.
  3. Great suggestion! I like what I hear so far of the Ben Browning EP.

    Because this thread has a total of two views so far I will now say that there is a video for "Before the Dive." It is interesting, and furthermore it makes you realize that the last minute or so of this song is absolutely incredible.
  4. So I saw St. Lucia co-headlining with Charli XCX this past weekend at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Here is something that someone else wrote about it:

    My thoughts: How everyone isn't shitting themselves over how amazing St. Lucia is is beyond me.

    FIRST: They're cute as hell. And not in an irritating way. Three hot guys, one hot girl. Amazing chemistry between them. Genuinely having fun on stage.

    SECOND: The two-ish new songs they played sounded absolutely incredible. Heavier hitting than even "Before the Dive," and with a distinct New Order feel. One song in particular sounded excitingly like "Blue Monday."

    THIRD: For an act that has released only one EP so far, their live show was incredibly mature; polished, enjoyable, and the lead singer in particular hit every single note he aimed for.

    FOURTH: Just because they're a band, and just because they're made of up of mostly fit young guys, doesn't mean they can't make amazing pop music.


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  6. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Let me join you in the St. Lucia loving. What a lovely little EP this is!

    When I tweeted that it reminded me of Bright Light Bright Light, Rod Thomas replied that he loved them as well and that he went to see them in concert recently!
  7. PJ featured Before The Dive as a Song Of The Day when the EP came out, no? All Eyes On You and Closer Than This were on constant rotation on my summer/road trip playlists. Love love love.
  8. Loving September. Going to check out the EP.
  9. I thought this post was some how about my country St. Lucia
  10. 360


    Just an FYI everyone St. Lucia's second EP "September" is coming out tomorrow via iTunes which means it should go live around midnight tonight which is in just over an hour from now. I posted a thread a while back when I first heard "All Eyes On You" which is still one of the best tracks I've ever heard. The last thread didn't really receive much attention on here so hopefully everyone reading this can give them the energy and time they deserve with their new EP coming out. Seriously good artist. I shall report back once I've heard their new tracks. Midnight, hopefully.
  11. I don't like September as much as some of the tracks on the first EP - I feel it lacks something these earlier tracks had - but I'm excited about more music and the upcoming full length release.
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