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St. Vincent - Daddy’s Home

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. I love the aesthetic of the video, even if the song is a bit of a grower. I really come to St. Vincent for her ballads though which, based purely on her looks this time around alone, are going to kill me.
  2. Sam


    This is completely unhinged. I’m kinda obsessed
  3. It's funny that Annie has the Taylor connection now from Jack/Cruel Summer, because when I was a deplorable & depressed Tumblr teen, I had the url casuallycruel - a reference to Strange Mercy's SMASH lead single - and some Swiftie would send me multiple DMs a day begging for me to give it to them because they wanted it as an All Too Well reference.

    Naturally, as it was a Swiftie, the messages got more and more hostile and desperate as time went on and I ignored them. Those were the days.
  4. I love this a lot.
  5. This is gorgeous. Living for the Sweet Dreams intro edging throughout the track.
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  6. Yes this is actually great. So keen for the album now and cover might even be growing on me nn.
  7. The video... a scream!
    The chaotic fullness of the song... a win!
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  8. Haven’t watched the music video yet, but I’m obsessed with the song
  9. The way I'm willing to see this performed live with her full band. PLS LORDT ONE DAY.

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  10. Yes, that's the exact Tori song I thought the 'vocals and some of the production' reminded me of!
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  11. I really can’t get enough of this and the video! I just LOVE an Annie era! She’s one of the best when it comes to tying it all together feom great music to great lqqks to the fun extras (her fake interviews last time killed me)

    As I’m listening and getting to know the song I can’t help but compare! I’m not sure if I’m getting Kate Bush just cause of that backing vocal or cause it’s more Prince but I don’t have enough knowledge of his discography beyond the singles.

    Also on my fourth watch of the video and the Sufjan connection hit me in the face. And the song gives me Age of Adz, he’s off the meds Sufjan!
  12. Pay Your Way In Pain is excellent, already one of my favorite songs of the year. Wonky pop at its best, including the video. I'm also in love with this '70s New York sleaze aesthetic. It's all right down my alley, so I'm hoping the album delivers.
  13. Luc


    The Japanese Edition of the album will include New York (Featuring Yoshiki) as a Bonus Track.

    A bit random and disappointing tbh.
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  14. Not 100% sure if it's official, but here are the track lengths:

  15. I can dream we’ll get a 6 minute opus from Annie!
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  16. Damn, and people were calling Lana's album short. This one is barely 11 songs (pretty much 10 full songs). I'm really excited for this, though.
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  17. I think a tight 10-ish track affair with some atmosphere-building interludes is exactly the treatment this sound from her deserves. I'm so excited to hear more flavors from this album after listening to the inspiration playlist she posted on Spotify.
  18. I just know that "...At the Holiday Party" will destroy me if it's legit. I just know it.
  19. Daddy’s doing SNL!
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