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St. Vincent - Daddy’s Home

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. I am craving to hear more of this album. The tiny bits of music in the background of that sound so good.
  2. Me too. Pay Your Way in Pain has been that cathartic anthem for me lately.
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  3. This sounds just matched my year into quarantine mood so well, I really hope we get some sort of blistering messy guitar moment cause I need to move some rage
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  4. It seems like "The Melting Of The Sun" will be the next song we hear from this.

  5. The Melting of the Sun is out now. It's so good.
  6. Oh this is great. I'm so into her 70s moment
  7. This is gorgeous!

    It’s giving me Jenny Lewis vibes.

    I’m so excited for this album.
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  8. The backing choir is GORGEOUS. And I love all the references to the legends that paved the way in music.
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  9. I could listen to this all day. Jack's production is *chef's kiss* to my ears. Perfection. I appreciate how the song keeps evolving up to the end. They're really nailing that lived-in, gritty, sleazy '70s funk sound.
  10. A Furry Sings The Blues/Hejira reference! She BETTER stan the best album every recorded.
  11. This is sooooo good, this album is going to be so incredible.
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  12. Love the sound of this. It definitely shows another side to this sound she's exploring - the lush, 70s shag, vibrating keyboards, the melancholy. You can her the St. Vincent balladry but it's in this new world.

    The lyrics... I mean, a direct reference to Tori Amos!? Almost feels like something out of my fever dreams. In general, they're straight forward and story-like, similar to the ones on Pay Your Way In Pain. At times they might be too straightforward? I feel like I'm still missing parts of the story and the concept to understand her approach here.
  13. Loving the sound of both the songs!
  14. Whew thank god this is incredible after Pay Your Way in Pain still hasn't quite clicked for me.
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  15. Fully obsessed with the way she’s standing in the SNL promo that just dropped

  16. I love her sun face.
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  17. I like this a lot more than Pray Your Way In Pain.
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  18. I also prefer it to Pay Your Way in Pain, but unfortunately the production on both songs is just way too milquetoast for what's meant to be a down and dirty There's a Riot Goin On-influenced record. For all the attempted discordance it's pretty easy listening. And, even more surprising for her, the lyrics are truly clunky and inelegant. I hate to say it, but the Antonoff version of Annie is just a shadow of the real thing. Off to listen to Surgeon now...
  19. Sam


    Can’t wait to get lost in this. I’m perched for the rest of the album despite the lead not grabbing me
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