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St. Vincent - Daddy’s Home

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. While I’ve found those charmingly janky verses from Pay Your Way In Pain lodged in my head almost constantly since its release, I didn’t realize just how frequently I revisit the song until I saw it is now my most-played song of the year.

    So it’s safe to say I adore the lead single, and The Melting of the Sun is just as alluring to me. It’s more conventionally attractive, which is a nice contrast coming off a cockeyed cut like Pay Your Way In Pain.
  2. She absolutely nailed Pay Your Way on SNL—a laser-precise performance served up direct to camera, surprisingly solid sound mixing for SNL, and the back of her jacket had the Daddy logo embroidered on it.

    She’s such a force onstage, and this was a great and welcome reminder of that.

    EDIT: The end pose:
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  3. Yep, she's electric.
  4. Just listened to "The Melting of the Sun" and it's great, like, properly great. Definitely better than "Pay Your Way in Pain" (which grew on me over time) and it has me excited for the album. I love how well and consistently she portrays that mid-70's vibe, from "The Dark Side of the Moon" reference, to the lyric video animation style that looks directly from 1975 (all with overlapping colours). Really staying true to that vision.
    The song itself is such a great alt-funk take from that decade, complete with a choir. I find the melodies great, and that second chorus is a moment.

    The only objection that I still have is the production, which sounds quite demo-ish. Perhaps they wanted it to sound like you dusted off a lost demo recording of an artist from 70s, but even recordings from that era often have a crisp sound. I feel like certain elements would pop out more and songs would sound much more effective with a full-fleshed production.
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  5. Here are the performances.

    We stan a storyteller!
  6. Good performances. The tunes seem to come to life a bit when played live.
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  7. Wow I just saw SNL and I am next level obsessed!! I saved my first listen to “The Melting of the Sun” for the performance and to say it knocked me off my feet would be an understatement. Like St Vincent singing about Nina Simone AND Tori Amos in the same song?! And I’m awake and other people are hearing this?! God she is next level!!

    also I love how she’s just blatantly making the type of music blechy white man say “oh they don’t make music like this anymore!” But she is specifically emphasizing her femininity in the presentation and story telling in a way that stares them down until they choose to fall in line or get out of her fucking way
  8. Has anyone linked the video yet?

    I could live in this aesthetic for days on end
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  9. Oh god yes, this old-school 70s PBS animation-live action mix...I am horny on main for the aesthetics
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  10. Finally watched the SNL performances and they were or course immaculate.
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  11. Wow. Those performances are something else. Who else is doing it like her?
  12. St. Vincent said: "It's not 2021, it's 1974 and you better agree."
    Love the music video. It's so effortlessly cool, just like her.
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  13. This definitely gets a bit tense nn

  14. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I actually feel really sorry for Annie here. The presumption of intimacy based on the material is unfortunate. If someone spoke to me like this about my father based on things I’ve written I’d be very upset.
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  15. It's bizarre that the interviewer is so shocked/surprised that Annie wanted the interview pulled, or at the very least wasn't happy with how it went. Annie clearly shoots down the topic of her father from the get go and the interviewer kept pushing and pushing, some of the questions made me cringe altogether. Gross.
  16. “Anyway, she read me wrong. I love Lana Del Rey.”
    I mean this tells me all I need to know about the writer. Also it just reads as a bad interview. She was pushing into clearly personal territory that Annie didn’t wanna talk about. She failed to do her research (she didn’t seem to know Annie was raised with her step dad) And then she couldn’t pívot when the angle she wanted didn’t work. If anything this is a clear example of the media failing to recognize that public figures are human beings and are allowed to have boundaries. I actually was impressed with everything Annie had to say and appreciated the nuance of accepting imperfect people in ourselves and our lives
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  17. The mass of replies to that tweet thanking her for posting it is weird. An interview with a pop star is not some sacred piece of text that just must be put out into the world, and journalists are not exempt from human decency?

    I don't know the intricacies of what this means for being paid, and would obviously agree that journalists shouldn't be worrying about pissing someone off if they want their fee, but St. Vincent is still totally within her rights to say you know what, that made me uncomfortable and I'd rather it not be out there.
  18. Oh damn, the tweet's restricted already. I'm sure it was an intrusive mess though, by the looks of your comments.

    Stream 'Strange Mercy'

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  19. R92


    Those SNL performances are utterly magical.
  20. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    What her dad did is obviously bad, but I don’t understand why there is the sense amongst so much of the commentariat on twitter that she personally has to atone for it. One of the many problematic consequences of confessional culture is the sense that all privacy is now public and we are entitled to it in the name of honesty.
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