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St. Vincent - Daddy’s Home

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. Her team have been fairly explicit about anchoring this album around the jail narrative – to the point where they timed that initial Guardian interview alongside the first single to set the tone of the campaign – as well as the on-the-nose album title which is automatically going to invite questioning. If they're going to make that one of the main thrusts of the campaign from the off, then unfortunately I'm not surprised that journalists want to jump on it like this, or expect her to be more open about it than she is ready to be. Now more than ever, journalists want a juicy pull-quote to snatch some retweets and engagement.

    It's up to the publicist to jump in the call at the first sign of Annie sounding uncomfortable – that's literally their job. Following that up by strong-arming a publication into killing the piece at a time when plenty of people are gunning for her already is a.. really bad look, honestly. Fire 'em.
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    I agree that the strong arming is a bad look and I feel sorry for the journalist that she was unfairly intimidated for doing her job. But the public are not owed this story in any terms other than Annie’s own. If she felt like she was being led down the garden path on a highly personal issue then it’s understandably upsetting. If I was expected to talk about my complex and traumatic relationship with my father in a half an hour time slot, I’d be upset.

    All this and I’m not even really a stan!
  3. Whew, what a sticky situation and such conflicting thoughts... While I agree that the marketing around this record has been hellbent on including the reference to her father’s release, I also completely believe that she intended the subject to be just an entry point into the record’s narrative. She has consistently steered away from getting too lost in the weeds with the subject.

    At the same time, everyone involved in marketing the record knew perfectly well that it would be the hot topic onto which the media would grab. It was fair game to bring up once or twice, given the album’s framing, but at some point... read the room. Even from just the transcript, she made it clear that she was uncomfortable with this weird protest piece angle that the journalist was trying to frame up. You’re interviewing an artist who owes us nothing and offers what she does voluntarily, not grilling a politician who must be held accountable. It looks worse on the journalist than the artist to me.
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  4. The knives are out for her on Twitter.

  5. Comparing her to Krysten Sinema of all people for this is...the hottest of takes, I guess? Even if it’s “just a joke”, it’s not even a funny one. Twitter is weird.
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  6. I know she’s far from perfect but she’s also not at all the most problematic artist out there and just about every time she’s faced backlash it reeks of misogyny. So many rock turds have been after her since her turn to more pop sounds and production. The more I’ve sat with it the more I’m frustrated by the journalist and how irresponsible and selfish her actions are.
  7. Reading the whole interview, it mainly reads as a journalist getting brave asking a question and not getting the hint. It's not even the first time an interview has been published after the artist wanted it canned. It all feels a bit much.
  8. Also I’m sorry but some Sleater-Kinney stans using this as yet another excuse to bitch about Annie “ruining” the band is exhausting (and I was lukewarm toward that record!)
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  9. What interview with who? The original tweet won’t load.
  10. Wonder if we'll get another song this week ahead of the album? Can't believe it's 10 days away.
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  11. Down will be out a couple days before the album.
  12. After finding the deleted interview on tumblr, I'm REALLY excited for Down if the sitar-esque riff in the original album trailer is any indication of what to expect!
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