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St. Vincent - Daddy’s Home

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. It has not leaked yet? I just got a notification that my vinyl is at the delivery point ready to be collected.
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  2. Yeah, mine has been posted out by my “local” record store. I’m surprised it’s not leaked yet.
  3. My CD arrived early! About to dive in…
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  4. The album is officially out in New Zealand and therefore is available to download wherever you're at.

    Can't wait to immerse myself into this later today.
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  5. Giving my first listen through now.
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  6. Want to sit with it for a little while longer, but on first listen I can safely say I love it.
  7. I wasn't at all fussed for this at first but the singles have grown on me a lot and now I'm quite looking forward to going to an actual record shop tomorrow and buying it.
  8. Obsessed with this album after just a few listens. I couldn’t fault it.
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  9. The album is slower than i was expecting to be honest. Almost jazzy and somber.. I like it, Live In the Dream is my favorite from the new tracks.
  10. As someone still obsessively rinsing White Dress, this is such a joy to read. Looking forward to my first listen tonight.
  11. Pay Your Way In Pain is my least favorite thing on here. Everything else is such a mood.
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  12. Oh damn then I'm sure this album will be phenomenal then!
  13. I'm on Live In a Dream and losing my mind. This is already such a strange, bleary-eyed listen. Loving every second. Jack's production, again, is completely top notch. The loose, minimalist sound is so delicious.
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  14. Wow. A definite Album of the Year contender here for me. I feel bad for anyone who wrote off this album based on Pay Your Way In Pain because it is gorgeous. Don't get me wrong, it isn't for everyone - it turned out to be a complete "vibe" album, something to get stoned to, and much slower than I'd imagined (she's a benzo beauty queen here, Pay Your Way In Pain and Down are easily the most upbeat songs here), yet it's all somehow even better than I expected? She and Jack really captured the artwork in music form - it's loose, hazy/smoky, full of reverb, and surprisingly jazzy in parts.

    Highlights on first listen have to be ...At The Holiday Party (gave me chills), Daddy's Home, Live in a Dream, and My Baby Wants a Baby, but I honestly enjoyed everything, even the interludes. I appreciate how they show up out of nowhere to seemingly disorient the listener even more. It's funny to me that this became her most ~controversial~ era, because this is easily her most lowkey, atmospheric album yet.
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  15. I'm so sad that I haven't felt any of that from my first listen. To me it sounds like an attempt at a stoner record made by someone who's never smoked pot lmao. Very woozy and spaced out, idiosyncratic and chaotic at the same time, yet without that many moments I found truly engaging. Maybe I should have been high when I gave it a spin. I would usually wet my pants at the very thought of St. Vincent making a "vibe" album, I don't know why the end result left me so cold. I'm definitely gonna give it a couple more spins, but this is her first album that wasn't instant love for me.
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  16. Down And Out Downtown is doing things to me! Loving the psychedelic sound!

    So far, song 1 and song 2 are both ACE! Very excited about the rest of the album.
  17. I don't think I've ever seen a 5 star review from them for a.................... gulp............... woman.

    I've completely had my head in the sand and wasn't even aware there was new music on the way so I'm excited to listen as I loved the last album and really like the concept of this new one.
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  18. Daddy's Home (the song) is yet another brilliant piece of music. Annie is brilliant, as usual. But MY GOD, the instrumental sounds like it's coming right out of the 70s.

    I didn't realise Jack Antonoff was on production duties (flop fan). His work has generally been very good. But these first three songs have really impressed me. I'm VERY excited for the rest of the album. And I hope he takes some of this psychedelic sound to the Bleacher's next album.
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  19. Honestly, the first half of the record had me skeptical. Pay Your Way In Pain has grown on me, especially when I consider how much it reminds me of She's Your Cocaine by Tori Amos. Down and Out Downtown was gorgeous in a way I was hoping the album would be, and helped me ease into the aesthetic rather than being yanked into it like Pay Your Way In Pain does.

    I actually didn't love the title track. It felt like it veered too much into musical camp territory. Don't get me wrong, I love St. Vincent's camp side but I was having trouble digesting it. With Live In The Dream, I absolutely get what she was going for. I could see it growing on me and it's perfect for a stoned day in bed, but it felt like it was missing something. It plodded more than I hoped. At this point, I also noticed how there were so many effects on all of the vocals; not just her leads, but the harmonies and ad-libs were processed in some way. I was missing her signature singing voice.

    The Laughing Man? Finally. I felt like we were getting her, with the 70s references working under her rather than overly alongside her. Melodically and lyrically, this could be from Strange Mercy.

    From then on, I think I rated everything a 4, 4.5, or 5. Down, Somebody Like Me, My Baby Wants a Baby, and ...At The Holiday Party all feel like instantly some of her best songs? There's a melancholy I was craving and the lyrics get St. Vincent with turns of phrases and dark humor.

    The good news is, there's so many melodies and riffs to chew on that this whole thing could grow on me. The interludes felt pretty useless and Candy Darling might have been better place earlier in the tracklist.

    Overall, excited to spend more time with it.
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