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St. Vincent - Daddy’s Home

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. I think there is a room for two or three fast paced, guitar heavy songs but i quite enjoy it. It harkens back her roots more than i realize and i love that for her. It feels like the overall record is a nice comedown and reflection on her artistry after self titled and masseduction.
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  2. I love the new album, I really vibe with this new sound. Didn't know I wanted this sound from her but I am so glad to have it now.
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  3. Whew the throwback on My Baby Wants A Baby.

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  4. I'm enjoying this more than I had anticipated after our first taste of the album. I generally trust her instincts and while leaning into this sort of woozy burnout vindication and all of its garish qualities could have become grating across a full album I think there are enough dimensions to the character that it works. The title track through Down is the strongest run on the album with several cuts making bids for some of her best ever work: Live in the Dream nearly topples under the weight of its own excess and it's maybe the best track here because of it.

    The album feels like stale cigarettes and the taste of whiskey on a Sunday morning. Annie has always nailed very specific moods but I didn't expect her to embody this trashy glamour so effectively.
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  5. The album is so dysfunctional and almost out of tune in all the right ways. The production is exquisite and by the end of the record, I was asking for more. Even the singles grew on me in context.
  6. Melodically and structurally, this album is probably most reminiscent to Marry Me, which is maybe my favorite album of hers. …At The Holiday Party is already one of her best songs ever.
  7. Was coming in to say this, specifically. It just unspools into this gorgeous, dreamy, transcendent moment of calm as the album winds down.

    It reminds me a little bit of Beck’s Debra, especially his live performances of it—that would trail into a hazy, loungey bliss over lush instrumentation after all the intensity that’d come before.
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  8. I was not invested in the release of this and my first listen was like...cute but not much else. Second listen is SO much more rewarding!
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  9. I was right. Whew.
  10. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    My Baby Wants A Baby....wig
  11. Somebody Like Me just finished and I think this might instantly be my favorite song since Strange Mercy. I wasn't expecting such a dreamy and almost ethereal number at all, but its vibe brought me back to the day I fell in love with her music. I'm... stunned.

    Back to the album.
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  12. I’m relieved that Pay Your Way In Pain was a red herring, and I’m pleasantly surprised that I absolutely adore everything else here. The back half in particular is some of her best work ever.
  13. ...At the Holiday Party is the one.

    Live in the Dream and My Baby Wants a Baby probably complete my top 3.
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  14. Sam


    Excited to dive in. The animated artwork on Apple Music is stunning.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Yeah I'm ready to get into this at work over the weekend.
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  16. I can’t stop listening to it.
  17. Not to be hyperbolic, but this is one of her best records for me already. The layered production especially is insane.
  18. Didn't realize this was out. I fucking hate Pay Your Way In Pain, but I'm excited for the rest of this.
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  19. I highly dislike the title track.
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  20. Sorry for the triple post, but...I didn't really like this album too much. I did really like At The Holiday Party (she sounds kind of like Joni Mitchell here), Somebody Like Me, and to a lesser extent The Melting of the Sun. But I didn't think the other songs were too interesting and I also found the retro production kind of boring. The 70s electric keyboard type of sound just doesn't really excite me in 2021. Furthermore, I don't think her voice plays nicely with the instrumentals and I expected something more out of the ordinary? From the descriptions some of you typed out, I expected something more along the lines of Fetch the Bolt Cutters, which was almost disarmingly different and dissonant and had a lot of moments where I was like, "The fuck did I just listen to? I need to dive into this again." This sounds way too retro and familiar to catch me off guard and I don't have much desire to return to it. Pay Your Way With Pain is pretty discordant sounding but it's also not a particularly good song.

    Finally, I cannot get into these lyrics at all. There is something about them that keeps me at a distance and for every interesting image, there is something incredibly clumsy and trite. I remember she at one point sings, "My baby's closer than a shave." Just nah. I get that these lyrics are supposed to be clever and artsy but they just do nothing whatsoever for me. I mean, I'm not that much of a fan of St. Vincent's lyrics in general---I don't connect to them---but the music usually makes everything work out for me. That wasn't the case often enough with Daddy's Home.
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