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St. Vincent - Daddy’s Home

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. Wow this album is perfect for getting high and doing art. Living in the dream daddies!
  2. manifesting her performing on Primavera's second weekend
  3. She's playing Mad Cool in Madrid instead. Manifestation denied!
  4. What day?? I can't see it properly in the line up with that many "T's"
  5. Not sure it's been announced yet but she was definitely booked for it last time I heard.
  6. This is definitely a good album and interesting project but there's something about the effects on her voice on a lot of the songs that is absolutely exhausting to listen to.
  7. I didn’t realise that the artwork was animated on iTunes. I thought there was something wrong with my phone because Garbage’s artwork was glitching always. But having seen the Daddy’s Home artwork, I looked it up and realised that Apple is now animating artworks. It’s actually really cool!

  8. Fuck me up!!
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  9. The originals are the best versions, anyway.
  10. Okay The Laughing Man has snuck up as one of my all time favorites of hers. Such a compelling track.
  11. The Laughing Man's story is bittersweet, compelling and all, even giving hints/drawing parallels to Happy Birthday Johnny, but I dread the song itself nn. The worst in the album alongside the title track for me.
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  12. Oh, I love The Laughing Man. It's a hazy, fevered, depressive sludge.
  13. me during the pandemic
  14. You had me in the first half! It was the song that pierced my heart on first listen. While this album hasn’t demanded my attention, the moments it lines up with my mood, it’s on another level
  15. I'm absolutely late but her version of Sad But True is good. And it comes from someone who is picky with covers of personal favorite songs (and not only is it my favorite of Metallica's but it is also one of my favorites in heavy metal). Of course, I still prefer the original but of all the versions so far, it's by far the best.
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  16. I only just listened to the whole album today, and I’m honestly disappointed, but it’s still strong. She’s an incredible songwriter and performer, but I just didn’t like the 70s pastiche concept, and this is of course a concept album. “The Laughing Man” reminded me of the heart-wrenching-ness of Strange Mercy, which I love. I also loved the trippier, dreamy parts. Other songs like “The Melting of the Sun” and “Down” kept making me wish Weyes Blood or Margo Price we’re doing them.
  17. Watching the live stream now! This band is so good and I really hope I can catch a show.

    Pay Your Way in Pain
    Down and Out Downtown
    The Melting of the Sun
    Los Ageless
    Daddy’s Home
    Slow Disco
    Digital Witness
    New York
    ...At the Holiday Party
  18. The fact that one of my favorite musicians released a new record that i dont have any desire to go back to…
  19. Nn give it another try on a hungover Sunday sis! It's not touching her top 2 for me but it's still a great entry in her discography.
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