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St. Vincent - Daddy’s Home

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. Oh I still play this on a regular basis! Brilliant melodies and I just love the mood and atmosphere she created for this album.
  2. It's by no means her best album but it's still incredible, especially in its downtempo moments. From "Live in the Dream" on (minus the useless interludes), it's all top notch Annie, especially the closing run of down tempos. I actually think we'll come to appreciate the album more later as a cohesive work that melded camp, her personal experience and the 70s influence with a deft touch!
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  3. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I still think it's a wonderful album, but I'll admit the 70s psychedelia concept is laid on pretty thick and doesn't offer much for anyone who isn't into that.
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  4. No Live in the Dream nor My Baby Wants a Baby??? A true shame
  5. The music video for the title track was released today on Facebook(?), which may indicate that it's the new single:

    It's pretty cool, but I wish she chose a different song and hopefully the video gets released on her YouTube channel, too.
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  6. Here's the video on YouTube:

    Also, I've been obsessed with Down lately.
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  7. I dream of the timeline were “Down” was the lead.
  8. Absolutely love the video.
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  9. I think "Down and Out Downtown" and "My Baby Wants a Baby" also need further promotion and possibly a music video, though that seems unlikely.
  10. Well, watching the video without sound on (it's to protect my ears) is certainly exhilarating! Love it
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  11. Do I... like this more than anything on the new album!?

  12. It is more dynamic and interesting than most of the record so yes.
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  13. A bit too musical number for me

    In other news, the tour setlist including Live in the Dream amd My Baby Wants a Baby is great to see
  14. I really like this new song, it's interesting! But I think there are a few better songs from "Daddy's Home".
  15. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Is there any way to watch The Nowhere Inn in the UK besides piracy?
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  16. The OST/Score is out.
    I think only 'The Nowhere Inn', 'Palm Desert' and 'Waiting on a Wave' have vocals.
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  18. "Palm Desert" is my favourite out of the three songs - it's melancholic, has something 90s about it and the switch-up near the end is a great touch.

    The movie seems interesting, I might check it out later on.
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  19. Her live band this tour is on another level

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