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St. Vincent - Daddy’s Home

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. Strange Mercy
    St. Vincent
    Marry Me
  2. Masseduction
    Marry Me
    Strange Mercy
    Love This Giant
    St. Vincent
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  3. Warm Wurlitzers and wit.
  4. Mama that's camp
  5. Oh my GOD I am sold
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  6. It looks like a whiskey ad from 1976, which obviously means it’s perfect.
  7. I definitely like the style of the ads more than the album, curious to hear how this sounds.
  8. Oh, okay, I'm digging this retro vibe going on.
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  9. Administer this album to me via a vodka enema.
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  10. Available on 8-track...
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  11. Why stop at 8-track? She should release a quadraphonic version for that full 70s surround sound vibe.
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  12. Oh yes
  13. Oh I'm actually intrigued now, let me put a little more faith on Annie's name.
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  14. I love that advertisement. A much better image than the album cover. She reminds me of Shelly Duvall with the 70s vibe.
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  15. Love this vibe for her. This crusty Boogie Nights aesthetic is really it. I hate to say this should have been the album cover but This Should Have Been The Album Cover.
  16. Adopt me Dad
  17. Oh, that's an amazing image (yes, much better than the album cover, although I don't dislike the album cover necessarily).

    'Warm wurlitzers' has me hyped!
  18. Ok this album is going to be fantastic...
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