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St. Vincent - Masseduction

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, May 1, 2016.

  1. dd i think her part on that horror anthology was horrible and her admitting she does not like horror makes me a bit uneasy about this adventure.
  2. She is going on a whole tour in support of something, and one can imagine it's for something beyond "New York" and pre-production on a Dorian Gray adaptation.
  3. [​IMG]

    As for the movie plans, I'm sincerely intrigued, The Birthday Party caught some pretty heavyweight critical acclaim and the scriptwriter's legit so there's some great potential there.
  4. The art direction for this album is insanely great already. Surely if they're releasing this type of interviews the album must not be too far away?
  5. Ok great, I'm happy for all her success and ventures (get money and all that), but can she hurry up now?
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  6. Wait.

    She's coming with bops.


    (edit: it's LA, it's got the "How can anybody have you and lose you and not lose their mind, too?" line from above)
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    ^ Absolutely amazing read, if you have the time. Sufjan and Jenny Lewis also make appearances.

    Also, not album-relevant but it's just kind of fantastic:
    Vicious queen.
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  9. I'm going to hold off on listening to any live clips until we get the album. I'm starting to formulate what it will sound like in my head, but so excited to hear how she's distilling everything.

    Oh - and is it safe to assume there's no John Congleton on this album? He hasn't been mentioned in the interviews so far. If that's the case, it's interesting that that fact hasn't been mentioned in any context. He worked on all of her albums and now suddenly she's working with Jack Antonoff, who isn't a complete 180 but still.
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  10. We have decided to stan forever.
  11. Hoy hoy hoy.

  12. I literally screamed "YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS" at my monitor when I saw the FUCK OFF nails. The visual side of this project has been absolutely amazing so far.

    I've always liked and respected Annie as a person but I feel like this album will finally be the one to totally reel me in to St. Vincent the musician.
  13. Apparently she covered the Beatles for a Tiffany's ad.

    Still no release date on that album.
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  14. Like, good for her for getting all these endorsements and films and stuff, but can she get money AFTER we get the album??
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  15. The swan pecking Annie's dress at 02:10 is the new queen of pop. And being Annie above all royalty, it is natural she would rein it in with such graceful firmness. That's what she does best in general.

    The gorgeousness of all this is killing me, and I am livink.
  16. Wonderful video for a beautiful song. I'm starting to worry that we're not getting the album this year though.
  17. Video of the year.
  18. I've read in several recent interviews that it was due this autumn, but yeah it's getting late for an announcement now.
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