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St. Vincent - Masseduction

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, May 1, 2016.

  1. I suppose we are at the stage where artists do release albums a lot sooner after the official announcement (I think it was just a three week wait for the Paramore album). I'll cling on to that hope for now. Album in October and then the long painful wait for the vinyl release some time next summer.
  2. She begins touring in early October. I'm confident we'll get the announcement this month and it'll drop before the tour.
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    Amazing visuals for an amazing song. Radio here plays it quite often too, which is surprising. Having read through the interview, I feel like we're in for her most "pop" era to date.
  4. I love you Annie but she can FUCK OFF with a 2 month gap between the song and the video and still no concrete album release information.
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  5. You will get three months of silence, a 90 second interview of her at a Marina Abramović exhibition opening, a singular cryptic tweet with the initials of the album title, followed by four months of nothing and you will deal.
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  6. Sounds like Melodrama track. I love it but it is not the sound I would expect from her
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  7. That's the first time I've heard the song, but wow. It's gorgeous!
  8. The video is gorgeous and is a perfect fit for the song. I saw that she made a collaborative Spotify playlist about New York so I decided to add this gem to it since it was missing.

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  9. She's doing a show in LA at Paramount Studios' New York backlot. So meta.
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  10. She's started putting up snippets of that press-junket video on her socials.

    They're very, uh... Portlandic.
  11. I saw these on Facebook yesterday and proceeded to give them all likes. I even shared her post about the New York video and I haven't posted anything on Facebook in ages. Annie, her power!
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  12. A lot of Annie's music is Portlandic though. It's like what you'd listen to on your five-mile hike to the acai bowl/cold-pressed juice shop while wearing your Fitbit.
  13. The video is stunning!
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  14. [​IMG]

    edit: can be heard over here, at 01:57:00-ish, it's a bop.
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  15. Vanity Fair Italy may have prematurely spilled the beans: The album is called Masseduction and is due October 13! And the cover does indeed look just as previously described:



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  16. And naturally one of the less striking images we've seen so far is being made the cover, how 2017 of her.
  17. That cover is a choice.

    But wig.
  18. [​IMG]

    *profoundly distressed alternagay wailing*

    Also she's live-streaming on facebook literally right now.


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