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St. Vincent's Masseduction

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, May 1, 2016.

  1. Sounwave, whose most notable recent production-work was on fucking To Pimp A Butterfly, of all things, posted this on his instagram a few weeks ago.


    And today this popped up on all the fan-tumblrs, I've no idea where it came from but she's wearing the same thing as in the other pic.


    Her profile has sky-rocketed a bit since the self-titled came out, I can't wait to see what she's come up with this time, I don't really see her dialing it down any.
    Also her new guitar-line looks pretty fab.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I just yesterday began playing her music again. I kept on wondering what's she up to since she was so quick between Love This Giant and S/T. I really grew to love S/T while I at first was not sure about it. Now it's probably my most listened to album, although its not as good as Strange Mercy.

    Very excited. I hope it at least comes out by the end of Summer. Her music is suited for warm weather. But yeah it looks like it's only the early stages.
  3. The self-titled is my favourite of her albums, but I think she could stand to switch up her sound a bit.
    I'd love to hear more raw sounding stuff like "Krokodil", "Grot", & "Birth In Reverse".
  4. Not a bad album to her name, and she's only getting better. I think she's currently one of our greatest creators.
  5. Her more abrasive material surely is amazing, I wouldn't mind more noisy songs from her at all. Throw in 3-4 bare ones for good measure and in theory you have the exact album I want from her. I'd love if she returned to her charming bohème image as well, though I don't think it's likely. The edgy, futuristic St. Vincent was a little uncanny and too cold if you ask me.
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  6. If I were to hope or speculate what this album might sound like, I'd think darker. I'd almost love for her to go Radiohead OKComputer; a mix of aggressive rock, minimal electronica, melancholy. Something like "I Prefer Your Love" as a template but I can totally hear her doing something like Paranoid Android.

    She is also a massive Bowie fan. I'm intrigued to see how or if she'll incorporate his passing into whatever she does next.
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  7. Aag


    I hope her recent cover of "Emotional Rescue" by Rolling Stones is an indication of where she's going for this new record.

    Martian queen part 2.
  8. I'd honestly love album full of Marrow.
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  9. If it's not too similar to self-titled, "ST. V" would be a cool title for this.
  10. The last album was the culmination of one of the best songwriters we have taking laser focus to her strengths, I'm so excited to see what we get next.
  11. How cool? I was actually disappointed.
    (Not that I care much about her private life)

    It's weird, to me it feels almost too early. For that kind of music, that I have respect for, I can wait a few years between albums. Anyway, she's going in the right direction, I really liked the sound of self-titled even if the lyrics left me a bit perplex, namely Digital Witness but other than that, I loved it.
  12. Aag


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  13. Why is she licking dressed as a toilet tho?
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  14. I'd love a full album of the Krokodil / Grot sound, taken even further.
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  15. OK here's something I never knew I wanted. St. Vincent doing an orchestral cover of my fave Karen Dalton track. From the soundtrack to the Disney film Pete's Dragon released today:
  16. She's so special, I never have time to dive.
  17. Actor grew to be very dear to my heart so i would not mind more baroque music influences from her.The self titled was a bit heavier on the guitar side with some unfortunate Love This Giant Influences.
  18. The pure rage Annie brings to every performance juxtaposed with her small stature always leaves me gagging.

  19. I love Annie, one of my favorite artists of all time. She's one of the few artists I put my full trust in (even if I have been Luke warm to the last few tracks she has put out). She is also one of two artists I have seen live more than once and I can't wait for another album and another chance to see her live again
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