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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rainbow Trousers, Jun 6, 2015.



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  1. The talent.

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  2. Austin Mahomy has no chill.
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  3. God damn it, PJ
  4. The type of content Youtube thinks I want:

    The type of pure content that I actually want:
  5. let's cancel ricky xx
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  6. Omg he’s back


    Also, he’s a confirmed hunty.
  7. A confirmed hunty?! Excellent. I shall this video to fall asleep tonight!
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  8. ASMRwise, this does nothing for me. Visually, I appreciate the content.

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  9. I love these so much. The Mustang one was just uploaded today.

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  10. @Vin Diesel hire her for movie 9
  11. The production values!

    Don't mind her outfit because the videos are actually really good.
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  12. This thread's URL though. "Stan Loopd."
  13. I've stayed many a Loopd in my day and I can only recommend it.
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  14. This guy knows that he and his voice is hot but I really like his videos and they're not even thirst traps (*cough* Ricky *cough*)!

    Also, Ricky is single so @Sanctuary get on it.
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  15. Chris Hemsworth is the budget FredsVoice.
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  16. Sorry, there's a new icon in town.

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  17. wow he’s gorgeous
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