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  1. I love Amal simply because she clearly gives no fucks and she's basically trolling herself with her videos.
  2. Daddy answers questions
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  3. ASMR Tingting is my favourite, she's got the most angelic voice and is hypnotic to watch. She also uploads nearly every other day. So soothing.

  4. I've gotten so much use out of this one and I have yet to find another pulling video quite like it.
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  6. This plot consistency.
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  7. I'm... not opposed to PJ with middle-parted, '90s heartthrob hair.
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  8. @Sanctuary Amal has been keeping us fed with her very frequent uploads
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  9. latte for Nobel peace prize

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  10. Gibi’s husband snapped:
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  11. I forgot I wasn't in the actual LOOΠΔ thread and got very confused.
  12. HELP

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  13. upload_2020-1-28_10-58-34.jpeg
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