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  1. ASMR videos have given me a stable sleeping pattern for the past few years, and I love them.

    Speaking of, Whispers Red and Olivia's Kisspers have new videos out!
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  2. This is my first time in the thread/looking into ASMR and I enjoyed a lot of videos posted but this is making me HOWL.

    "..Oh my's been two years.."
    *whispers* "The war is over.."

    Everyone here talks like Janet Jackson in Got 2 B Real.
  3. Yes! Tony is really cute and funny. One of his videos blew up overnight after being featured on Tosh.0 (the prequel to this one) and he's had a huge following ever since. I've always described him as an ASMR Tim & Eric, but he does other non-camp stuff as well.
  4. When she's cutting out the tattoos my body legitimately cannot even cope.
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  5. I get tingles whenever someone tells me I'm important.
  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I'm picturing you with a butterfly on your face, covered in glitter, rocking the hair extensions and wearing those feather earrings.
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  7. I'm already drowsy.
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  8. She is hilarious.
  9. This granny playing Skyrim is the best ASMR video I've seen and it's not even an ASMR video:

  10. This woman is Tree Trunks. I'm in love.
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  11. K94


    I'm still trying to understand this.
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  12. This is great, but I get more tingles up my spine while I listen to this

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  13. My math teacher my sophomore and junior year of high school would put up these videos of her teaching the lesson (which rarely helped) and looking back on it, she has quite a natural ASMR-y voice.
  14. She truly is Queen. I just watched it. Love!
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  15. OH MY GOD. YAS!

  16. "Ms. Miracle" is actually slaying my life right now. Queen.
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