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  1. Wait, who does Ephemeral Rift verbally abuse? I want the whispered tea.
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  2. @clockworknovak give us the whispered tea. Remember to take nice sips and tap your teacup.

    Send it to me in a voice recording xx.

    In other news, I love her:
  3. I've gotta look it up, but he has been known to bully those in the ASMR community, which is so unchill.
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  4. That is so untingly if he's a bully!
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  5. YAS!

    And for @Anastasia Beaverhaus

    I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ at the ruler in the screengrabs. Perfect for Ana.
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  6. I put her face-mapping video on to help me sleep last night and left autoplay on, I literally just woke up and this was the video that was playing. Send me straight back to sleep, Queen.
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  7. Could someone a 10 hour loop of Demetria saying 'SHHH... don't tell your mother?'. That would make a great ASMR video.
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  8. CosmicTingles is 33 years old! She looks so much younger!

    Honestly. She's gorgeous.
  9. Love this one. I fell asleep to it last night.

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  10. I did too! I didn't particularly care for her when she first started. Her "I love beer and weed!" schtick felt very... forced. I get her now though.
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  11. My housemate decided to trim a hedge in the garden today. It's been ages since I've gotten the brain tingles, but this totally set me off.
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  13. Queen returned:

    I love her. She's so calming but she's still a bit creepy. I like how she does videos in Russian, as well.

    Ageless queen:

    Eyebrow queen:

    Other queen:
  14. Clicked on this thread randomly, didn't know there was a whole genre devoted to capturing that feeling I get when people whisper at me. Interesting.
  15. I really wish I could take these videos seriously, apparently they're supposed to help if you have tinnitus.
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  16. Shhh. Don't tell your mother.
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  17. Any videos of cute guys doing these? It seems a bit sexual and off putting it being a girl
  18. How about male and slightly sexual


  19. He's new to the ASMR scene but his videos give me hella tingles. The up close whispers in this one are magical.
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  20. @ohnostalgia this one is for you. Should give you the tingles. Lights vocals and whispers. YAS.

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