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Stand-In Rehearsals

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by A&E, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Stand-in rehearsal videos from recent years are a fun peek at the preparations for the big event. I know some of them have been discussed in the main Eurovision threads but I wanted to collect them all in one place.

    The oldest video I could find was from Malmö 2013 – Ellen Benediktson performed French Courtney Love's Amandine Bourgeois's entry. Ellen later appeared in Melodifestivalen in 2014 and 2015 (Insomnia was particularly amizin)

    Vienna 2015: David Rodriguez-Yanez posted a medley: Golden Boy, Hour of the Wolf, Tonight Again, Heroes.

    Now, from Stockholm 2016 there's a whole gold mine of these. Let me start with my favourite Josephine Thunell who annihilated Agnete with her Icebreaker and provided a respectable rendition of Dami's Sound of Silence.

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    More from 2016:

    Isabelle Larm did queen Kaliopi justice when performing Dona (she also did Finland's song).

    Russia (Sergey Lazarev), BiH, Georgia:

    Spain (Say Yay):

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    Even more from 2016:

    Belgium (What's the Pressuuuure):

    Croatia (Lighthouse):

    Netherlands (Douwe Bob):


    The only video I could find featuring a clip of Jamala's stand-in:
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    Most of the 2017 videos have been removed from Youtube by the EBU but luckily there are some alternative uploads for your viewing pleasure.

    Let's start with Nanna Kovalova with Blanche's City Lights, the Lucie Jones song, and performing as part of notOG3NE:

    Sasha from the OG3NE rehearsal also did Svala's Slayper and Norma John's Blackburd.

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    2017 cont.

    Art Demur who performed as "Norma John" with Sasha also did Salvador's song:

    Lesya Falina got assigned Dihaj's Skeletons – peep her writing with invisible chalk.

    Dima Kotok whose vimeo bio states "Love music, Lady GaGa" landed the straightest song that year (Norge):

    Iren Trykur uploaded these potato quality vids of Yodel It and that Belarussian song:

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    Last but not least, Andrii Drobotiuk was the brave stand-in performer for Origo (Hungary), Occidentali's Karma (Italy), and.... Space. Sadly only a clip of Andrii's Slavko is online but it's a must watch.

    There, that's all I could remember/find. What are your faves??
  7. Sorry, I have nothing to add to this thread except likes and

  8. HRH


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  9. Wow, I had no idea any of these existed apart from Ellen Benediktsson's "L'Enfer et moi"! This all feels like forbidden knowledge and now that I'm privy to the secret, Jon Ola Sand is going to order a deep web hitman to come take me out.
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  10. Josephine Thunell snatches me bald.
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  11. I think you'll be OK, Jon Ola strikes me as the sort of person who doesn't even know how to switch a computer on by himself.
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. OK but Andrii Drobotiuk makes me feel things.
  14. Things I'm not over:
    - The stand-in for Croatia 2016 nailing the vocal while Nina shrieked her way through both performances.
    - Josephine's range.
    - Miss Isabelle Larm brining Sing It Away to LIFE.
  15. *Paper comes on*

    Friend 1: Oh God
    Friend 2: Don't you da-
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    Some of my favourite parts:
    • The dancer in Icebreaker just walking away at the 2 minutes mark.
    • What's the Pressure girl having the time of her life.
    • Conversely, the drummer for Dona looking like she might pass out.
    • The close-up on empty seats at 1:24 in Dona.
    • One of the "guitarists" in Slow Down just playing a cardboard cutout.
    • The struggle of the Say Yay girl and the extraness of her backing singers.
    • Jamala's stand-in looking positively possessed in contrast to actual Jamala serving more of a drunk Mel C.
    • Julia from this year's GBBO performing as part of OB3GYN.
    • The Grab the Moment DJ living for scratching that invisible record.
    • Someone just walking onstage halfway through Origo to take away the mic stand.
    • The Occidentali's Karma gorilla being just Sasha (Paper, Blackbird) in a onesie.
    • Also someone off camera shouting "ale!" while the camera showed a cardboard cutout.

    I enjoyed Nina's semi performance oop... and I just like her Aurora-ish vocals more than the stand-in's.
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    Ohh I can't believe I haven't found this one earlier! (I've only seen the Demy part) This 2017 video features some early stages clips from before it was all brought onto the big stage.

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  18. These are strange to watch.... Like living in an alternate timeline.

    But so very addictive.
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  19. A&E


    One I'd missed from 2016, and what a star she's turned out to be!


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