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Star Cast - I Bring Me (Debut Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by rubirub, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. The past few songs from the past few epiosdes have been FIRE

    I really enjoyed STAR The Series i'm glad there is going to be a 2nd season also that Wendy Williams performance has me conviced they would actually work as a real girl group !
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  2. But I want the latino vibe from Eva too...
  3. Really though, I NEED that Don't Look Any Further song they were supposed to perform, why is it not on iTunes even though their cover of Waterfalls is?
  4. They sang their latest single on the Teen Choice Awards, but it seems nobody cares about them as a girlband, doesn't it?

    I was looking for a CD release of the first season of the show's tracks, but nothing yet.

    Let's remember Jude wrote Fifth Harmony's "Work from home" as well as "Down".
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  5. I don't like Jude's hair but I really like them as a girlband.
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  6. To be honest I think the show will be cancelled this season. Do you think these girls will keep working together as a girl band after that? Mmm... I doubt it, but I would like it.
  7. Tomorrow begins season 2. Is someone watching it?

  8. I'll be watching!
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  9. This song is one of their best so far:

  10. It gives me Work From Home and New Rules vibes. Hehe.
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  11. Don't forget about this bop as well !

    This series is already a lot better than series 1 which enjoyed anyway. The songs are a lot better as well.
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  12. To be honest I have only watched the pilot, but it didn't seem a good show for me. I'll bingewatch season 1 and 2 when the show is over. But there are so many music TV shows right now: Empire, Nashville... plus the upcoming Broken Record (featuring songs by Meghan Trainor).

    I do think they have a couple of good songs, but these shows also include a lot of random songs that producers haven't been able to put in other artists albums and end up being part of TV shows without any special repercussion.
  13. June's Diary "Ratchet Life"
  14. In case someone likes this show here in Popjustice, the season pass on iTunes Store is 9.99 dollars at the moment. It's a pretty decent price!

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