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Star Trek: Discovery & General Star Trek Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikey1701, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Discovery was never really billed as an ensemble though- it was always conceived as Michael's journey of falling from grace and her clawing her way to redemption. Enterprise was always billed as one, though it really wasn't.

    I still vast swathes of ENT unwatchable. Archer spent the first seasons being a complete drip, which made his transition into 'permanently angry man' in Season 3 totally jarring. Season 4 evened it out a bit, but by that point Scott Bakula was just phoning it in.
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  2. I am watching this and The Orville and keep thinking the doctor from The Orville is in this show. So confusing!
  3. I need a spin off series following Emperor Georgiou. I gagged when she used the shuriken to kill all of her lords.
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  4. I love how all the loose threads are starting to tie up now. Loving it.
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  5. Oh my God. What a twist! That was AMAZING
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  6. Didn't see that one coming, at all. Very good twist!
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  7. I looooove her. And she has so much chemistry with Sonequa, no matter the universe.

    Everything is coming full circle with Lorca's unusual darkness for the franchise in the first episodes.

    The show has grown to be so different from what I expected. We could argue that this twist actually simplifies the premise of the show, making it a cross-universe adventure instead of a sci-fi look at war, but it's also such a damn good twist!
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  8. Great twist, fabulous episode.

    Michelle Yeoh is so fab. I actually want her to come into the alternative universe so we can keep her in this show.
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  9. Can season two just be Tilly and Stamets cruising the galaxy doing science?
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  10. I'm also potentially in love with Shazad Latif.

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  11. I wonder if he was purposely cast for his resemblance to Wil Wheaton (as in, how we all thought Wil Wheaton would look grown up. But doesn't) ?
  12. Is it bad that my first and continual thought is that Shazad needs to do some chin exercises?
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  13. Shush. He is perfect.
  14. I looooooved the latest twist!

    What made me scream was the brief foray into theology only to completely dismiss it:
    "Does god exist then???"
    "Who can say lol! Xo"
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  15. Maybe some acting classes too
  16. Every time they show that snippet of sweaty Klingon sex

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  17. Damn, that was a thrilling episode. There are still 2 more to come right?
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  18. How he hell are they going to defeat Klingons now? Evil Georgiou to the rescue!
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  19. Georgiou will slay (all day) slay (all day) and the Klingons will bow down before her wrath and might. Victory will come at the cost of the Federation becoming just that bit more...Terran.
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  20. Still gagging at the ending scene of latest episode. Captain Georgiou! *screams*
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