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Star Trek: Discovery & General Star Trek Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikey1701, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. I don't know where they'll go with this. Will they set this as the canonical version of the Klingon wars? Or will they go back in time and fix the timeline? They still need to resolve why can't the Federation keep using Discovery's technology in the future.

    Michelle Yeoh is such a delight to watch, and I've ended up getting fond of Sarek's inclusion in this despite not feeling too good about it when it was announced.
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  2. I really hope Yeoh is back for 2. She's fantastic.
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  3. The scene where everyone flocked to sit next to the Tyler, too much.
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  4. Wouldn’t you when he’s played Shazad Latif?
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  5. I'd sit next to him when he was half Klingon.
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  6. I am GAGGED by that cliffhangar. What does it mean?!

    The rest of the finale was great, I really enjoyed it. Looking back at the entire season I realise the Klingon War was never the focus and it likely never was- it was about hope in darkness and that by staying true to who you are that hope will outshine the darkness. Corny, yes- but very powerful in 2018 with (as Jason Isaacs described him) a “psychotoddler-in-chief” occupying the office of the US President.

    It was a little uneven in places but DISCO has been exactly what the franchises needed: a modernising force that has dragged Trek out of the 20th century and done away with its stale standalone formula.
  7. It was so good! No idea what the hell will happen next season and very much into it!

    I died when Geirgiou and her squad presented the black fur attire! And when she casually went for a threesome and I love Tilly so much!
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  8. Great finale, although I was left wanting a more exploding confrontation (which would actually go against the message of the story).

    Yeah the show has put its focus on Michael's personal journey, even if that means doing a disservice to the portrayal of the Klingon war. Still, when the result is so brilliant, there is nothing more to do than bowing to the showrunners.

    I'm SO excited for that S2 tease, I trust they can manage a respectful homage to The Cage while also making an exciting brand new story.
  9. The ending of the Klingon war makes no more sense than its beginning. But at least it's over. Of course, it's all too neat and tidy. Did the 20% of Federation territory captured by the Klingons get ceded back? What was to stop L'Rell continuing the war once she took power? How could they be so confident she would gain and retain power - that the bomb couldn't be neutralised or control of it taken? Everyone seems to be celebrating way too quickly.

    I still see no reason behind the ludicrous idea to put Georgiou in charge - what did she have to offer that she hadn't already given them? The fact that Sarek, Cornwell and apparently the entire of Starfleet command were quite happy to commit genocide is hardly befitting Star Trek's theme, no matter how many speeches Burnham makes. (Is that why they wanted Georgiou, to take the fall?) It's almost impossible to consider Discovery's Sarek the same one as the pacifist we knew before. And if what we hear in this episode is the only explanation why the spore drive is never heard of in the future, I'm not impressed.

    The individual character arcs and performances were great as usual, the away mission was fun and looked fantastic, and the Klingons felt and acted Klingon for the first time. I just hope next season they can come up with a story that lives up to their cast (by far the show's strongest asset), and which can make sense and feel fully realised in the time available. At least the producers can be more realistic, I hope. We kept hearing about all this deep exploration of Klingon culture and seeing things from their side that was going to happen, and all we ended up with was Make Quo'nos Great Again and L'Rell in the brig for half a season.

    That said, all the sequels had weak first seasons, particularly TNG, which like Discovery had the unenviable job of reintroducing and moderning Star Trek on TV virtually from scratch. I hope Discovery can grow and improve as that show did. I want to love it, and I do really enjoy watching it, but I really need it to hold together a bit more once I stop to think about it afterward.
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  10. Ash and L’Rell confirmed for Season 2- which means we’re gonna get a Klingon centric storyline.

    I wonder if they’ll get around the showing the smooth headed Klingons?
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  11. I basically just want Michelle Yeoh onscreen at all times, please/thanks.
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  12. Isn't she just perfection?

    I've loved this season. I actually would like season 2 to develop some of the other characters we don't know much about;


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  13. Oh my goodness, Rhys / Patrick Kwok-Choon is stunning. And I agree we need to get more screen time with these other characters.

    I hated that it all seemed to wrap up so suddenly and tightly and that made it seem such an easy resolution for something that shouldn't be so easy.

    Overall I really enjoyed the first season and the ending has me needing Season 2 now.
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  14. Thank you for mentioning his name. He is dreamy.
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  15. So who will be the new captain?
  16. Robert April?
  17. I'm betting there won't be one. Whatever the Enterprise wants will take them off track for a while, and by the end of it Saru will be made captain. It's interesting that Burnham wears a gold/command uniform at the end of the finale, not silver/science as we'd expect if she were just chief science officer.
  18. Didn't she wear command gold in episodes one and two?
  19. Not really as she's serving as first officer with Saru as acting captain. So being an XO, she's going to be in gold again as she was on the Shenzou. She was a science specialist (silver) when she was stripped of rank and totally removed from the command track as an unlisted officer.
  20. Yes, but she was first officer on the Shenzhou, she's supposed to be science officer on Discovery now. She and Saru have effectively swapped roles.

    Actually I just checked, and to make things confusing, she was still in silver when she spoke to Sarek before the cermony, when he gave her a gold delta. She wore gold for the award ceremony, but she is back in silver for the final scene on the bridge, so...?
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