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Star Trek: Discovery & General Star Trek Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikey1701, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. What the hell did the end mean? I thought this was all pre-original.
  2. The Enterprise was kicking about for years (canonically) before the Original Series. Kirk was the third captain.
  3. The Enterprise was launched in 2245, about thirteen years before DISCO starts. I think it’s appearance is the clearest indication that the show is a visual reboot- which makes me happy. Imagine them trying to explain how something as modern as Discovery fits into the camp aesthetic of TOS.
  4. Was it confirmed she was the ships science officer when she was recommissioned? I can't remember. At the moment though, she's the second highest ranking officer on Discovery so you'd think she'd be in gold as by default she's the ships first officer.
  5. This is an interesting interview with the showrunners about what to expect for season 2. For example, they are still not sure we'll ever meet Spock, even though by now he's part of the crew of the Enterprise.
  6. Yeah, Saru calls her that, and I wouldn't expect her to wear a different uniform just for a trip from Earth to Vulcan. But it's actually the award scene that's odd, though. Could just be wardrobe error, or maybe there's a deleted scene were she was offered a first officer position on another ship but she chose to stay on Discovery? If Riker can turn down a command every other week...
  7. Maybe you're right and it was an error. Wouldn't be the first on this show (see the typo's they have on screen displays). I guess we won't get an idea into command structure until next season, assuming this new captain comes aboard.

    If so, it would fall -

    First Officer (Saru)
    Third in command (Burnham)

    Which would be cool as it would be a reverse of Saru and Michael's command positions on their previous posting. There could be some storyline potential there.
  8. Just taking a moment to reminisce on the episode of TNG where Bev Crush both masturbates with and is violated by a parasitic gaseous green ghost candle in Space Scotland with atmospheric issues after reading her (zombie) nan's erotic diaries. (As one does.)
  9. That scene is such a kii. Only in Star Trek could a main character become sexually aroused by green gas in a lamp. It was pretty clear for about half of the final season that the writers were running on fumes.

    Still, the penultimate episode with Ro betraying Starfleet to help the Maquis is one of my favourite episodes. The final shot of Picard is haunting.
  10. I viewed the seventh season as part of a massive rewatch quite a few years back and it's pretty jarring how flat most of the episodes are. So much of it feels like killing time while they ran to the finale / prepped Voyager to premiere / revamped DS9. The Ro joins the Maquis episode is a blinder but one of the few decent instalments of the whole year.

    You've got people like Marina Sirtis saying the show ended too soon when in reality, it was clearly out of steam and needed to conclude.
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  11. Yeah, TNG and VOY ended at the right time. DS9 could have used one more year though.
  12. DS9’s finale was as perfect as you can get. Sisko saying goodbye to Kasidy as he goes to join the Prophets is heartbreaking- as is the final shot of a forlorn Jake being comforted by Queen Kira. Amazing.
  13. Yeah I love where they left things off as well, I just think they rushed a little the developments and could have been more comfortable telling that in two years.
  14. The only issue with the ten-part finale (!!!) was that the Kai Winn/Dukat arc stalled three of four episodes in because they messed up the plotting. They literally go from being a main component to vanishing without explanation until the last three episodes.

    EDIT: It’s hard to believe that just six or so years later that TV Star Trek ended with the abomination that was Enterprise finale. You can see the embarrassment in Marina Sirtis’ face.
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  15. Yeah, I think DS9 ended pretty much perfectly. It's pretty clear that they knew exactly how long the series would run and plotted accordingly. The only thing that felt like it needed more time was Ezri (who wouldn't have been part of the plan), but they still managed to do a pretty good job with her in one season.

    The only good thing about These Are The Voyages is the fact the two parter before it actually works as a great series finale, so you can completely forget it exists and not feel cheated.
  16. The full Drunk History clip on Nichelle Nichols is up. The history is a little off, like the kiss scene, but it's pretty entertaining. (And honestly the best thing I've seen Raven do in what seems like a millenia. Also here for Martin Urkel King.)
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  17. I think a lot of Enterprise’s issues (which also plagued Voyager) was that there was very little to distinguish it from the other series even when you take into account it’s a prequel. It was just another clone of TNG set in a different time period. The stories were largely the same for the first two series- mostly rehashes. Each of the TNG spin offs should have done what DS9 did and had radically different premises and tones. If they had done that, TV Trek might have survived and I think the idiotic fanboy complaints about Discovery (“ITS TOO DARK!” and my new favourite “THE PYLONS ON THE ENTERPRISE ARE ALL WRONG! HOW DARE THEY!”) wouldn’t be so moronic because different tones would be the norm.
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  18. The only reason it works is because it's darker and more complex. If it was another CBS procedural, no one would give it the time of day.
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  20. I'm assuming this is based on the same source as a Forbes (I think?) article I read a while back, which mentioned that for the time frame they were using Discovery was airing new episodes and none of the big shows they were comparing it to were. So yeah, it's doing well but the comparison is clickbait bollocks.
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