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Star Trek: Discovery & General Star Trek Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikey1701, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. I mean you always have to temper your expectations with Trek but… this looks really exciting.

    Seven and Data alone… with news that Troi and Riker are returning as well… scream.
  2. I knew there was no way Janeway destroyed the entire borg collective. She only destroyed the transwarp hub in the delta quadrant but even seven has said that are 4 other transwarp hubs in other parts of the galaxy. The borg queen is really just one form of entity. She just continues to create new bodies. I assume the borg are trying to assimilate the entire alpha quadrant by genetically modifying themselves to look human? Its still hard to learn whats going to happen even from this trailer. I'm excited but not going to have high expectations but I also have a good feeling about this series.
  3. I literally screamed in my boyfriend’s (stationary) car. GAGGED.

    Now I need Queen Janeway to show up and chew somebody out while sporting a new iconic hair do.
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  4. I just watched the trailer and I'm in awe. I could expect TNG connections but seeing Seven of Nine there is incredible.
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  5. She looks absolutely phenomenal. It was interesting to note that she seems a lot more relaxed than she did in Voyager: “What the hell are you doing out here, Picard?”.

    I’m also guessing that the plot involves the Romulans experimenting with Borg technology after the destruction of Romulus considering we see warbirds near a Borg cube and shots of Romulans with dead drones. That ties in to quite a few elements of the Extended Universe such as STO and the 2009 Movie comic tie in.
  6. I'm not sure how it will turn out, but I know that Patrick Stewart will probably make it worth watching.
  7. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Picard looks great to me! A perfect mix of old and new.
  8. On one hand I'm sad we'll miss this happening but on the other... SEVEN OF NINE!

    How the fuck they kept that secret.
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  9. The trailer was perfect and while I like Discovery for what it is (fast paced entry level Trek that mixes about enough in the middle for Trekkers and the mass market), Picard has it just right. The tone was the perfect sense of classic Trek without feeling redundant in todays entertain landscape and this series looks like its set in such a richer, deeper world (something Discovery could just never nail).

    Guessing the girl who comes to Picard is some kind of Romulan super soldier engineered with Borg tech. Maybe the fallen empire is looking to use them to conquer Vulcan (note the ships heading towards a very Vulcan looking planet).
  10. I have a feeling the clip of the Romulan ships is part of a flashback.
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  11. Got tickets to see William Shatner present The Wrath of Khaaaaaaaaan! at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall next March. As much as he is an arsehole, he's our arsehole. Couldn't pass that up.
  12. Exciting!

    I watched about half of For The Love of Spock on Netflix and I was so surprised by Shatner in it. He looked on the verge of tears at all times and it was clear he had been crying before the cameras started to roll. I know he and Nimoy had not been speaking when the latter passed on (RIP, Icon) but there was definitely A LOT of love between them.
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  13. Spent some of last night watching videos of Marina Sirtis talking at conventions. She’s absolutely hysterical: always telling it like it was and pouring shade on some of the sillier aspects of the production (Sir Patrick being a stick in the mud at first, sleeping with guest stars during the first season, crashing the Enterprise and her endless parade of wigs and catsuits).
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  14. So theres an ugly rumor that the picard series is going to intertwine with Discovery. That is a horrible idea if true. I like a few discovery episodes but they need to f*ck off and stop trying to save face by clinging onto the Picard series. I saw a thread on trekbbs and almost everyone agreed that this is a terrible idea. I hope its just a rumor..a nasty one.
  15. I can't see that being true in any direct crossover way. If they wanted to be able to do crossovers, they wouldn't have put Discovery so far into the future, making crossovers near impossible. Frakes has also talked a lot about how different both shows are and the producers have discussed how they want each show to be distinct and inhabit its own space. The shows won't even be on at the same time.

    The only 'crossovers' I can see happening are events in Picard being mentioned on Discovery to show the impact they have had in the future.
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  16. Rumor: Robert Picard is slated for an appearance for season 2 of Picard. Martha Hackett (seska from voyager and trul from DS9) apparently appears in one episode.
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  17. Taking both of those with a pinch of salt.
  18. I don't know. Picardo said he'd been approached. I reckon that one's likely.

    Having T'Rul come back is the kind of easter egg-type casting they would do, I think. A character from the past to please fans but without the significant history that needs explaining. Plus Hackett obviously has a more significant Trek connection than just that character, which is a bonus.
  19. There is absolutely no way that will happen. Discovery is now in the 31st century and Picard takes place in 2399. They’ve made it very clear that the two shows are vastly different: they are even shooting in vastly different locations. Disco is shot in Toronto (and Iceland!) and Picard in LA. The logistics of a crossover would be a nightmare.
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  20. The series "intertwining" does not necessarily mean a direct crossover. It may just mean plot elements feeding into each other. Perhaps Picard will set up something that is still relevant in 31st century, or make use of elements from the first two seasons of Discovery, like the spore drive or control, Might even be their (deeply misguided) way of addressing the fans who are unhappy the way those concepts were shoehorned to fit the canon by making it all top secret. "See, you're right, they couldn't keep it secret forever!"
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