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Star Trek: Discovery & General Star Trek Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikey1701, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Barbara March who plays one of the Duras sisters passed away today


  2. Just at the end of season 4 of (my very first watch of) Voyager, I Stan Seven already

    She’d be my favourite if Janeway wasn’t so friggin awesome
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  3. It gets even better. Seasons 4 - 7 are fun to binge watch. I think people do too much on Voyager but I understand the criticism since a lot of potential has been wasted (Seska especially). Seasons 1 and 2 were a bit dull and the only entertaining episodes were the Seska/Kazon arc and the vidians. Things started picking up in Season 3 but there were still a few episodes that were...cringeworthy. The end of season 3 was amazing between Worst Case Scenario and Scorpion Part 1. Seven was an amazing addition for Voyager. She brought more flavor and even though some fans just saw her as a ratings sex symbol, her acting is impeccable especially in The Raven.

    It also reminds me of when Worf came on DS9 in season 4 and the series got really good. Both DS9 and Voyager have a few episodes that are dull and wasted potential but overall they are still amazing. I love all series from TOS to Voyager (and hopefully Picard but I wont get my hopes up). Its hard to choose a favorite since I love them all for different reasons.

    Favorite series: TNG
    Favorite Captain: Sisko
    Favorite character: Garak
    Favorite Villain: Tie between Lore and the Borg.
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  4. The Raven is high key one of my favourite Star Trek episodes. It’s absolutely phenomenal. Jeri absolutely killed it.

    My favourite Voyager episode is probably The Omega Directive. I really, really love that episode and I could watch it on a loop for hours. Such a great, high-sci fi concept married to undertones of religion and faith? And Janeway being a fucking bad ass? Of course I’m going to stan.

    Favorite series: DS9
    Favorite Captain: Queen Janeway
    Favorite character: Kira (with Mirror Georgiou a close second)
    Favorite Villain: Dukat/Weyoun.
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  5. A queen for the people. Bob The Drag Queen found drifting in space.
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  6. You are SO right.
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  7. Got my tickets for NYC comic con with my grandfather, his best friend and my boyfriend to see the Star Trek Picard panel. Excited even though I'm trying not to be too optimistic with the new Picard series because Alex Kurtzman grinds my gears.
  8. Ugh so sad. He was one of the many brilliant side characters of DS9.
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  9. So sad when I found this out this morning. Big will always be one of my favourite Trek characters. Aron played him so beautifully as he went from miscreant, to Starfleet cadet to seasoned war veteran in seven years. He was an astonishingly talented actor.
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  10. The Nogster dance is one of my favorite moments.

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  11. So I finished Voyager tonight and I’m almost gutted I’ve got no more left!

    Captain Janeway is everything I love in a TV character (played flawlessly by Kate Mulgrew)

    apart from the odd filler episode and Chakotay not really doing much for me I thought it was a great series
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  12. Voyager is fantastic. Its not my favorite ST series but its still amazing nevertheless. I didn't agree with some of Janeway's decisions but no one can deny she held true to her starfleet prime directive principles. I also liked how the whole ship genuinely felt like a family. I remember watching the series final with my grandfather when it aired and I felt so sad because it felt like I was saying goodbye to these people that were basically family to me. Neelix is annoying as hell but even I miss him. Voyager brings back so many good memories from my cousin and I watching every new episode. We were poor and our tv was on the floor but we made the best of it and star trek definitely uplifted our spirits whenever we watched it on tv. I practically watch Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager) everyday on Netflix and honestly smoking a joint while watching the best episodes is truly an experience.
  13. Whoever made this must REALLY hate Hillary lol

  14. Speaking of Voyager, I thought this was brilliant:

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  15. New trailer of Picard!

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  16. And a new Discovery trailer to boot! Queen Burnham is serving LEWKS. We stan.

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  17. What a mess. Didn’t understand the new storyline =/
  18. Sonequa is a stunner. A shame her talents were wasted for years on The Walking Dead with a secondary role.
  19. It looks great!

    If anyone else can't watch the video there, it's also available on
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