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Star Trek: Discovery & General Star Trek Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikey1701, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Doing a rewatch of TNG and wow.... Season 1 is bad.
  2. Shut up Wesley!

    Yeah, it really is. 'Justice' and 'Code of Honor' are near unwatchable.
  3. If you squint a bit, Season 1 is somewhat enjoyable in all its naffness.
    It's definitely something that Season 2 lacks.
  4. Code of Honor is beyond racist. Even Jonathan Frakes called it out.
  5. I just watched the season finale of Picard. I'm gonna be unpacking that one for a while.

    Sorry but *that* ending was the worst sci-fi cliche of them all. I'm really not sure I can get on board with it. And chonky Dataface I coulda done without.
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  6. The reaction from the majority and fans has been incredible from what I have seen. The only negative reactions I’ve seen are from the usual “THIS ISNT STAR TREK AND YOU ARE NOT A FAN IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH ME!” incel and neck beards screaming about it from their parent’s basement.
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  7. I...have to agree. As an entertaining hour of television was pretty spectacular, as the season finale it felt...beyond clunky, which is a lot talking about this show. Nevermind all the changes of allegiances and things that happen by pure luck like Dr. Soong's complete 180, but there are fundamental aspects that just don't make sense within the concept of the show.

    How is Star Trek, the king of philosophical dilemmas, not making a bigger deal of the fact that a bunch of people decided arbitrarily to, in the best case, resurrect a person that had willingly sacrificed himself, and in the worst case create their own replica just for their entertainment? Where are Picard's rights on all of this? Can we even ask him anymore, since that android is arguably not the same person? I'm not saying I cannot get behind the writer's vision, I just find bizarre the show itself isn't raising these questions.

    Because of all the characters, this happens to a person that was fundamentally traumatized for almost losing his humanity completely when becoming a Borg, something that they even further explored this season. Now that same person becomes and actual android and nothing? Sure, tell me it's because his conscience and his body doesn't feel different, but, please, tell me.

    Honestly for moments it seemed that they left all of that out in order to dedicate time to Data's death, which I'm fine with although considering how big deal 'the search for Data' was on episodes 1 and 2, it seems strange they would randomly introduce him like that in the season finale. It was pretty much the initial concept of the show and now the episode would really lose nothing without those minutes.

    Then the last doesn't make sense to portray them as a crew? These people are mercenaries, outlaws, murderers, and they only came on the trip for Picard's mission and/or money. If the mission is over, it doesn't make sense to see them together for any other thing than going back home. And if they have decided to go on a trip or something us that.

    But hey, at least Seven killed Narissa, who stayed pointless until the end.

    It doesn't make sense that a show that was critisized at the beginning for taking too much time to explore all emotions of the main character and the nuances of his actions now is ending the season rushing over the facts and minimizing the impact of the plot developments.

    Also nevermind the fact that
    Patrick Stewart's two iconic characters have now been both brought back to life by transfering their consciousness to another body...what are the odds of that?
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  8. Yeah the finale left me with mixed feelings.It was turbulent first season and I'm not sure what this show wants to be.
  9. I enjoyed it overall. It verged on being too saccharine at points. Quick question. What did he mean when he said to Raffy:

    ’You were right.’ I’ve been wracking my brains and can’t think what he’s referring to. I am very tired though.
  10. That final just wasn't it.
  11. Yeah... that finale was... yeah.”:/“
  12. What was that intimate moment between Seven and Raffy at the end? Did I miss something?
  13. Well I guess I’ll be the contrarian! I thought that was a wonderful finale and I was crying for most of the final act! The scene in the quantum matrix absolutely broke my heart.
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  14. I will say watching Seven mourn Picard's death while drinking a beer really...hit me hard.
  15. Evan Evagora really sold the shit out of his grief scene. I felt that.
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  16. Evan has been such a wonderful addition to the cast. I love the way he brings an innocence to Elnor. When he told Seven he would miss her if she died, I swooned a little bit.
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  17. Ah, so the picard season has finished. Let me take out a free trial of Bezos TV and watch through it.
  18. Agreed it was a bit of an uneven finale. Emotionally it hit some good beats and I applaud the fact it actually resolved and tied off plots with no wonky Discovery style twists - it got to where it was going well enough and felt all the questions were answered.

    Picard's ultimate fate was mega obvious from last weeks episode and served very little point.

    Not sure how much promise the ending shows - I was hoping we'd see the show dive deeper into the Federation / Starfleet position after all this, not further away from it.
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  19. I kind of like that we haven’t seen much focus on Starfleet besides potty mouthed Clancy and Riker turning up to send the Romulan’s sashaying away.

    It’s a really refreshing change and it’s given us a fantastic look at Romulan culture outside of their military.
  20. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Oh god that was BAD.

    Stop the space worms, cheese-ball reincarnation and...did they just all start hooking up at the end?
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