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Star Trek: Discovery & General Star Trek Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikey1701, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. All the press releases have stated that it's still in development, continuing right up til the Discovery S3 news this week. I can imagine it was fancied to start production in Spring this year, allowing for prep and giving Michelle Yeoh a break between gigs. It does seem like Strange New Worlds has got the jump on Untitled Section 31 show but the Pike show has an established jumping off point with characters, ship and sets already existing, as well as some cast, and it seems that it's been in discussion since Discovery season 2 aired.

    I keep seeing a whole bunch of shitty comments from fans BUT GEORGIOU IS IN THE FUTURE HOW CAN SHE DO S31. Dudes, how about a bit of patience and allowing them to explain that part in either Discovery or in the pilot of the S31 show? Also, if Georgiou has to come back from the future, who'se to say she comes back to the 2250s? Imagine she came back to post-Nemesis to take over from Sloan?

    I think after the new year, we'll probably have a three or four month break, then Lower Decks season 2 to make it feel like less of a gap until the live-action shows can get going again. Also, there's been some implying that there's more Short Treks on the way.
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  2. Given how long its been since we heard anything about the Section 31 show, it wouldn't surprise me if it's been quietly canned. I'm sure I read that the end of Season 3 has been altered in some way relating to Georgiou- maybe their keeping her around?
  3. Have the press releases referenced the Section 31 series? I feel like lots of media sites have tacked on a paragraph about all the other shows in development but I don't think there's been an official updates on it for a while. Although a Google search suggested they were heading into pre-production around January time in Canada and there were rumours that it was going to go into production in May around that time too, so it might not be as dead as I first thought. Odd that casting rumours haven't ended up online if they were that close to heading into production, though.
  4. To be honest, they shouldn't have confirmed the S31 show was in development until they had more to run with. The lack of information on it is just giving fuel to the REAL STAR TREK mob.

    Edit: I wonder if the the show jumps off from spoiler elements of Discovery season 3, which is holding back their freedom to confirm more details of the show without spoiling for Discovery viewers.
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  5. The last paragraph of the July 27th press release:

    In addition to STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, the “Star Trek” franchise on CBS All Access currently includes hit original series STAR TREK: PICARD; upcoming new animated comedy series STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS, which premieres on Thursday, August 6; the recently announced U.S.S. Enterprise set series STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS, featuring Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn and Ethan Peck; and the development of a Section 31-based series with Michelle Yeoh. A CG-animated series aimed at younger audiences is also in the works for Nickelodeon, titled STAR TREK: PRODIGY.

    I think both you and I are on the same wavelength of thought here. If COVID hadn't happened we'd likely be getting Twitter tease updates from the production of the fourth or fifth episode of the Section 31 show by now.
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  6. Well I enjoyed the first episode of Lower Decks. It's not laugh a minute spoof-comedy, it's more "enjoy these deep-cut references while we lightheartedly play with convention in the TNG era world". A bit like The Orville once it got settled (although for obvious reasons I hesitated to use The Orville as a comparison).

    It's confirmed to be coming soon to non-North American viewers, the licensing agreements for whichever streaming company takes it on haven't been finalised as Lower Decks unexpectedly got moved forwards by three months.

    I reaaaaally liked Ensign Tendi and Boimler (there seems to be a brick joke that he's attracted to men which reminds me of the "Bart's gay" in-joke throughout The Simpsons back in the day). Mariner and Rutherford might need some more time to fully get into. Mariner seems to be spouting a lot of 2020-isms like Tilly does on Discovery, which might date the show(s) eventually. I think all four main characters are all great lenses to view the show format with, so I'm happy so far.

    Anyway, here's the opening titles and the trailer for the rest of the season.

  7. I don't envy the writers on this one: striking the right tone even on an episode by episode basis isn't going to be easy. I found the first ep decent enough but the humour was a bit too... silly at times for me. The trailer above has better jokes about the Klingons, evasive manoeuvres etc. I'm excited to see how the show develops and to see what it becomes once it has found its footing.
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  8. The clip going round social media with the characters trying to make engine noises made me really chuckle- as did the nod to Voyager passing over the ice planet/moon in the titles.
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  9. I watched it, seems okay. The characters will need some time to bake, for me.
    I'm embarrassed to admit that i'm a Rick & Morty fan (Not like... raid the McDonalds type of fan, but a seen every episode since it first aired kind of fan) and I feel like this has some inspiration from that, but it doesn't seem like it's going to be as good. Rick & Morty has a lot of great "We did some science and it went wrong" plots that I think would lend well to a Trek show. I hope they tap into that a little bit more.

    I don't know how I feel about the characters though. I'm surprised most of them are human. I feel like there'd be some funny stories they could tell with like a joined Trill, or a Vulcan. There's an improv group in California called The Improvised Generation, you can find their shows on youtube, they have a character who is the ship's counselor.... But he's a Vulcan. And it's super funny. I kind of expected more of that type of thing.
    Maybe the Orion officer's pheromones will get her into some trouble? I don't know.
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  10. I just watched DS9 Season 4 episode 3: The Visitor and cried my eyes out.
    I've watched DS9 before but mostly in reruns on TV and then I kind of bounced around all the way through it start to finish on Netflix or something like 9 years ago... Now i'm rewatching it with a filler guide, This was just one of those episodes I never ended up watching before...
    Probably the saddest episode of Star Trek I've ever watched. Great character development for Jake and Benjamin. It's like right up there with TNG: The Inner Light honestly... Wow. If you've watched DS9 and have never happened to watch that one and you like the bond between Ben and his son... you've got to watch that episode.

    Light Spoiler:
    It was like the movie Interstellar, But better.
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  11. I haven't seen it in a long time but I remember it being a stellar episode as well. DS9 not only had great arcs but also brilliant standalone episodes. Also Far Beyond The Stars.
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  12. Confession: I don't like "The Inner Light" and every time I try to rewatch it I fall asleep.
  13. I think "The Visitor" beats it out. Although I do like the idea behind Inner Light and all that, The Visitor blends an Inner Light style story with a All Good Things style story showing the future. It was perfect, and heartbreaking and is probably the best father/son story that DS9 has.

    It's a shame DS9 doesn't get it's due respect, perhaps in part of the fact it was never airing by it self, it was always alongside either TNG or Voyager.
    I'd love to see some DS9 characters show in Picard maybe but i'm not sure any of them would make sense. Plus Odo and Nog's actors have passed away, Sisko's actor doesn't act anymore really. Quark, Kira, Bashir... I don't think I really need to see them again. Jake could show up but i'm not sure there'd be much point in that, same for Ezri. I guess maybe the most we'll get is a verbal mention of one of the characters. At least that would be something.
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  14. Well, I just watched Lower Decks and I’m sad to say I loathed it.

    Not because it wasn’t funny (though I did not chuckle more than perhaps twice?), but because I feel like – more than any other of the new Treks – this one is positively dripping in contempt for what makes Trek great (and why so many fans I know identify with it).

    No spoilers, but literally the premise of the show is that the characters that identify as hopeful, positive, upbeat, and interested in things like science, protocol, the chain of command – hell, at one point Starfleet and the Federation themselves! – are outright mocked and treated as either the punchline or literally the Problem To Be Solved. I felt like I was watching a Trek show written by the people who made fun of me in high school for watching Trek.

    I don’t love DISCO and was disappointed in Picard, but I’ll keep supporting them because some version of Trek is better than none. But I’m not sure I can bring myself to watch LD. Best wishes to those who enjoy it; I gave it a shot, I’ll pass.
  15. I'm pretty sure i've talked about this before here, maybe a few months ago.
    But if you're hungry for a really good Trek story, I really suggest watching this tabletop roleplaying show.
    It's long (Each episode is about 3 hours and there is 53 episodes), but it's so so worth it. It's perhaps one of my favorite Trek stories ever - even though it is fanmade, The storytelling and improv roleplaying here is next level. It's my life mission to get other Trek fans to watch this, if they're not bothered by watching a bunch of people playing a roleplaying game. I assure you, they are great at playing their characters and building this story. It's also very queer inclusive which I love.

    (And then they also went on to do a second campaign, which is currently still airing weekly, and a new Klingon campaign which is currently airing monthly as like a side campaign in the same universe as their other current campaign)
  16. I'm not holding out for seeing anybody from DS9 on Picard, outside of Worf. Unless they had a season which involves the Cardassian end of the Federation, and Picard is currently set "on the other side".

    They don't really have an official canon map of the Fed but the graphics the production teams use tends to work off of the Starfleet Map Charts book that was published in 2001. If you imagine the Fed space to be shaped like North and Central America, then Cardassia is the Californian coastline, Romulans are the Great lakes/Canadian border/New England coastline, Klingons are New York down to Florida and round to Texas. Trill, Ferenginar and other DS9 planets are vaguely where Oregon is. Breen are Baja California.

  17. Kurtzman has given an update on production for the various shows: they're still working out how to produce them in these Covid times. He mentioned that writing for Discovery, Strange New Worlds and Section 31 has continued remotely over lockdown, suggesting that Discovery has already been renewed for S4 and confirming that Section 31 is still in development. Strange New World will enter production next year. The animated shows haven't been hugely affected by the pandemic - work has already started on S2 of Lower Decks and Prodigy.

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  18. The Star Trek Adventures tabletop game I mentioned in my last post is on sale this week on Humble Bundle and you get PDFs for prewritten campaigns, the core rulebook, and multiple supplemental books for only $15.
    So I definitely snatched that up even though my chances of actually finding people to play with me are low.
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  19. CBS will be airing Discovery season 1 on television.
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  20. That's good news for everyone.
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