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Star Trek: Discovery & General Star Trek Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikey1701, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. They made their goal. Currently at 114% of the goal. Great, Can't wait to watch it.
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  2. So finally got round to watching Discovery season 3 and I really enjoyed it (apart from queen Philippa leaving of course)
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  3. It was phenomenally good (aside from, as you say, Queen Phillipa leaving!). There's definite rewatchability there but the slow burn (pun intended) of the Burn storyline meant its probably best to binge it.

    All the actors knocked it out of the park. Sonequa managed to out do herself, somehow. She was magnetic. The new, more relaxed and low-key shady Michael is such a joy to watch. Adira was absolutely everything. I just love them!
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  4. The Voyager documentary has now just beat the record for documentary funding with a day to go

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    This is quite a good and fair, if simplified, article on the growing pains of Discovery. Worth a read, even if it is a bit click-baity in it's NEXT slideshow layout.

    On Monday 5th April it's First Contact Day: kicking off around 8pm UK time on are multiple panels including Star Trek: First Contact 25th Anniversary Panel: featuring cast members Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner and Alice Krige, Creating First Contacts Panel, Women In Motion Panel, Second Contact Panel: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Prodigy Panel.

    Hope we get to see trailers for either the two animated shows, or at least Captain Janeway's animated look.
  6. They've got to be ready to show off some more Prodigy stuff, since we got the cast designs last time.
  7. 100% expect a Prodigy trailer (and hopefully release date) today and as for Picard, likely some kind of announce of another famed Trek character returning for Season Two.
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  8. Aside from the obvious returning character, did anyone else spot that broken Bajoran tablet...
  9. Yes, from The Reckoning. Interesting if they are finally gonna give DS9 some more focus. I really ever wondered if Trek was ever going to revisit the sillyness of Q, since they are clearly trying to market the franchise cooler and edgier (or at least were when Discovery first dropped).

    I'll be interested to see how they handle it.
  10. Personally I could do without Q and I don't really see how he can work on a season-long arc (unless he loses his powers again or something) so I'm curious to see how this plays out. Also Q and Guinan possibilities.
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  11. If they lean it more into the trial of humanity, I think I'd prefer that rather than camp sillyness. At least Guinan will have more to do given the teased history of her and Q.
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  12. I clocked that and immediately got excited. The Reckoning is an underrated episode and Louise Fletcher did such a great job. If we are going to see some of DS9 referenced, I'd love to see Kira pop up and we can find out what she's been up to since the end of the war. Largely because out of every Trek show, she is my all Time favourite character.
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  13. Discovery season 4! 2021! Half-Cardassian/human! Gabrielle Burnham! More new uniforms!

    So that rumour about the gravity being a thing is true then. Apparently the whole set was flipped upside down for a full episode
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  14. Those new uniforms are far better and more on brand for Trek (the original Discovery ones were as generic as they come and the 32nd Century ones looked like a nightmare from The Motion Picture).
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  15. I had tuned out a little to the panel with the Behind the Scenes crew, but apparently Gersha Phillips said something about redesigning the uniforms again because they blended into the Discovery sets too much.

    Lower Decks season 2 August 12th and it's been renewed for a third season
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  16. I hate that it seems we are getting another season of Burnham Saves The Galaxy. But if it's well written and they story pay off makes sense and is good, then i'm all for it. I still kind of think having The Burn be caused by the cries of one singular being and no one but Burnham and Discovery showing up in the future can figure it out.
    I liked the Emerald Chain stuff from last season, I wish there a slightly smaller story like that going on as the main story rather than like another big "The galaxy is in trouble because of weird space sciencey stuff" type thing again. Give me more VILLAINS. -- And i'm sure there will be villainous characters. But. I wish it was more about how evil and terrible and threatening they are, rather than how terrible and threatening an anomaly is, again.

    Also, love the new uniforms. They're futuristic - but they actually give me a bit of TOS vibe which I think is a cute step from Discovery's previous pre-TOS uniforms.
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  17. Well Janeway as a hologram was a creative twist I didn't expect
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  18. The promise of another galaxy ending threat did make me groan. I'll see how it shakes out and at least The Burn wasn't an all dominating plot last season until the end (probably why the finale was the weakest part of the whole season as well).

    Nice to see more strong world building. We've got the Vulcans involved again and Gabrielle, making things feel so much richer and full of history and character than Season One and Two ever were.
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  19. Welcome home Queen Janeway!
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