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Star Trek: Discovery & General Star Trek Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikey1701, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. I love the art style of this show although I won't lie, I REALLY wanted it to be Admiral Janeway so we could find out what she's been up to since Voyager ended (outside of that Nemesis cameo).
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  2. I wasn't expecting the real Janeway since the premise of the show is that these kids find an abandoned Starfleet vessel and have adventures on it. Having Janeway command the ship with a teen crew or having her there as mere support as if she's got nothing better to do would have been a reach on so many levels.
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  3. So they said the cast will not really know of Starfleet because they're out in the Delta quadrant.
    So like... I'm really curious when this Janeway hologram was created, and how it's there. But I assume they will do some light retcon type "They were working on it on Voyager all along and left it behind etc. etc."

    Also if this series is a light introduction for kids to get into Star Trek, I'm maybe a bit surprised that it's set in the Delta quadrant as opposed to in the Alpha quadrant where kids can see some of the classic Trek aliens.
    I'm curious about the whole thing - but I think it's bound to be great.

    Also at the end of the First Contact live stream they announced next year's First Contact Day will be celebrated IN PERSON at a new convention that next year will be in CHICAGO (Where I live!) (And then move to different cities every year after) - I love that this will be a way for more fans around the country to get to go to a convention. I've never gotten to go to a Star Trek convention before but I NEED to go to this.
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  4. The real Janeway will appear in the closing moments of Season 1. Bookmark me.
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  5. Can I also manifest a Robert Picardo cameo?
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  6. Its a pretty easy retcon and your theory is likely true. Remember, they were already experimenting with things like the ECH so you could just a holo command training version of Janeway was decided upon off screen. Someone could even have stolen it off the ship (shades of Living Witness with The Doctor).

    I actually think the Delta Quadrant setting is an unexpected but clever idea. It could lead young kids to start on Voyager not just for more Janeway but more of the aliens they are seeing in Prodigy. Say what you want about Voyager but I kind of feel its a great Trek show to start young newcomers on. It lacks the edge and f-bombs New Trek has and its more high adventure, less challenging than DS9 or TNG.

    Voyager was always the weakest of the 24th Century trilogy but its easy watching and entertaining. Kids will like the higher action and adventure quota the show leaned into from Season Three onwards. It was never a massively smart show but it knew how to do spectacle.

    I could see kids loving it as their next step into the catalogue.
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  7. I think this is spot on. Voyager gets such a bashing all the time for things like continuity and character development that people forget how good Voyager is when it's firing on all thrusters as a simple piece of entertainment.

    I also think its relatively unimpressive ratings in USA (which naturally the US-dominant internet between 95-01 has recorded) bely its popularity in the UK and elsewhere - I'd bet money that it had consistent good ratings on Sky One for all of its run (which the internet hasn't). It often felt like it was the most popular show on there that wasn't Friends. The monthly VHS releases back in the 90s? Voyager (and DS9) were usually #1 or #2 in the UK video chart (unless they clashed with a Friends VHS).
  8. Voyager has had a little bit of a turnaround in opinion since the Netflix age I feel. If you look at the Top 10 streamed Trek episodes, Voyager really dominated the chart. It was a fun show, more lightweight and also pretty easy viewing. Just really good dip in, dip out TV and while its shortcomings were dragged during its initial run, its softened with time.

    Without doubt it wasn't to the overall quality of TNG or DS9 but it was very entertaining TV.
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  9. Absolutely. Deep Space Nine benefits from binging the series, Voyager has benefitted from being able to watch the good episodes when you want rather than tuning in on a day the TV station is broadcasting a Chakotay episode.

    Enterprise benefits from distance from the early-2000s TV era and real-life events that involved America that went on during its run
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  10. The ability to avoid the really bad episodes of Voyager (which were a lot and the series had far more clunkers than DS9 or TNG ever did) benefit it a lot. Voyager could actually hit the heights of its sisters shows at times with stuff like Timeless, Year of Hell, Living Witness, etc, just less frequently. There was certainly less classics in those seven years of Voyager than you got from seven years of DS9 and TNG.

    As a whole, Voyager was just incredibly uneven.
  11. Voyager often shows on-screen the change in showrunners -
    Season 1-4 Janeway written different depending on if Jeri Taylor wrote the episode and anybody else writing it
    Season 2's derided Kazon arc and Michael Piller's new age philosophies asserting themselves
    Season 3's dumping of Michael Piller's vision for high concepts as soon as he's out the door
    Season 4-6 Brannon Braga's influence over the show increasing, peaking and his burn out in season 6
    Season 7's safe Ken Biller year. Bring her in however you feel Ken, but no overtime please.
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  12. Speaking of Voyager

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  13. Add into all this, the constant pressures of the network and Berman to keep the show so utterly safe after the failure they had felt DS9 turned out to be. While Voyager was even less successful, it inherited the position of the flagship show in the studios eyes which meant it was endlessly getting pulled over the place for PR stunts and the required buttons UPN needed pressed that month.

    This of course worked out well for DS9, which was generally left alone once Voyager came along.
  14. Uno


    I've been wanting to try and get into Star Trek: Discovery, but haven't made the leap just yet. I've only seen the (Chris Pine) movies and generally really love them but I otherwise don't know anything about Star Trek. Would y'all say it's worth it or should I start elsewhere then eventually go to Discovery?
  15. Go with Discovery. Its perfectly fine as entry level Trek into the franchise and works best as a more casual, rollercoaster installment alongside the more traditional deeper and quieter offerings.
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  16. I think Discovery is an okay place to start. But you will miss out on some little things here and there.
    Seeing the JJ Abhram's films gives you enough knowledge about who Spock is as a character to understand all the stuff with him being Michael's brother, Despite the JJ films being alternate universe, Spock is relatively Spock throughout that.

    There are some alien races that pop up in Season 3 that you may need/want further backstory on but you can handle that when you get there.

    I think The Next Generation is the best series to start with, personally. But I am biased. The episodes are just easy to pick up and watch.
    If you ever want to watch through Voyager and Deep Space Nine, I recommend looking at a site like for DS9 and for Voyager

    These essentially will tell you if the episode is essential viewing or filler, which massively cuts down having to slog through episodes of Voyager with Chakotay or Janeway on the Holodeck, and episodes of DS9 that are Ferengi side plots.
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  17. I often feel TNG is a good start as well but its intelligent, confidently calm and reflective pace (plus the first two very jarring seasons) can be hard for a new viewer coming from a modern TV age. Its still the very best example of Star Trek just telling really great, top quality episodic sci fi stories but Voyager often plays better to a newer audience given how much faster and action focused it was.

    DS9 of course has the more serialised approach and darker tones we seen in modern TV too.

    If I was trying to get someone into Star Trek now with very little exposure, Discovery is honestly the way to go. It was designed to bring in a new generation of viewers and led by modern production values and pace (for better or for worse). Then it feels like TNG or Voyager if you want more, they've ended up being the most impactful across the franchise I feel so are good primers.
  18. I say yeah, go with Discovery. It has lots of the spectacle and modern narrative of the Abrams films, but it pushes more of the social issues that is part of the DNA of the franchise.

    To me the films rely too much on being a good entertainment and do too little work on the story.
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  19. In recent news, Discovery won the GLAAD Award for Drama Series in a first for any Star Trek show, which I think it's a big deal for a franchise that promotes social issues.

    There is this new interview with Akiva Goldsman about Strange New Worlds and Picard S2. I'm still interested on the premise of SNW and how he likes that episodic shows can be horror one week, and hard sci-fi or comedic in others.

    Then with Picard he says that from S1 they have learned the lesson of figuring out the end earlier, nice but too late. I'm also scared with how he says that Picard's new body doesn't affect his character in S2 because then that truly makes the S1 finale like a cheat on the whole premise.

    Also his response on the S31 show is also too ambiguous for my liking. I guess they will be focusing on the current shows in production and try to get back to that one once Covid is less of an issue.
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  20. Section 31 feels like for it to work it would have to have new sets and locations every week, which would mean COVID restrictions would come down hard on its budget and schedule (aside from Yeoh's availability).
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