So we all know that Lucasfilm has been acquired by Disney and that there is a new trilogy of films coming, all part of the Skywalker Saga and titled Episode VII, Episode VIII, and Episode IX, respectively.

The first is being written by Michael Arndt. That's all we know so far.

But then Zack Snyder dropped this bombshell: he's developing another film set in the Star Wars universe, one that won't be part of the numbered series but just be set in that universe.

So we have 4 films coming in the next ten years. 'Discuss'.
They have the potential to be incredible if the right people are involved, but the newer trilogy was dross. They really need to get someone with some clout on board to direct. Alfonso Cuarón or Peter Jackson would be perfect. I'd love to see Christopher Nolan or David Fincher step into it too, but I suppose there's a danger that they won't camp it up enough to please the fans.

How I feel about Snyder will be dependent on Man of Steel. I loved 300 but I'm yet to be impressed by anything else he's done.
I think I've finally come to the conclusion that Star Wars is shit. So Disney can't make things much worse.

Great story. Terrible execution, for the most part.


Piggy, how dare you!

Alphableat - Nolan and Fincher (or Guillermo del Toro) would have been amazing, but they've all passed. The problem is that there is so much pressure.

It does feel weird that Lucas is going to be very back-seat with this new series, considering that it's his baby, but I couldn't be happier. From the get-go it was clear that he never understood why people loved his first Star Wars movie. Of the sequels, The Empire Strikes Back had the least involvement from him and is considered the very best. He took on a bigger role with Return Of The Jedi and then basically made the prequels all by himself. All were extremely flawed.

I'm so excited that Star Wars could finally be made by people who love Star Wars for the right reasons. I just wish we could remake the prequels, which were a total waste of energy. The plot I can deal with, but the scripting and editing were horrific, and the character of Padme was wasted completely.
Padmé could have been amazing if they didn't cut out ALL of the scenes with her parents in Episode II, they were so good.


Screw the parent scenes! Those were terrible.

But I'm still waiting for the scenes she filmed with C-3PO on Tattooine. The original script had C-3PO still being 'naked' when they arrived; while Anakin was off searching for his mother, Padme and Owen Lars fixed up Threepio. It made for a nice pass-the-torch moment in Threepio's ownership, and there were some great exchanges between Padme and Threepio that summed up her character and what she was feeling better than all 27 scenes of her running through flower fields.

It really bothers me that, with all the deleted scenes they've released, they still haven't given us that one. It's scripted nicely and there are a bunch of stills that proved they filmed it.

PADME: “…I’m afraid I may have hurt him. I don’t know. Maybe I only hurt myself. For the first time in my life, I’m confused.”

C-3PO: “I’m not sure it will make you feel any better, Miss Padmé, but I don’t think there’s been a time in my life when I haven’t been confused.”


The Prequels aren't the worst films ever, but they're definitely among the most disappointing. It's great that there's going to be new blood making the films, Lucas was surrounded by yes men for the prequels and he got away with some of the most stupid things. There's a great story somewhere in them, but the plot was made too convoluted, terrible casting decisions were taken (Samuel L Jackson having about 1 1/2 scenes of being badass in three films is shameful, Hayden Christensen full stop), over-reliance on CGI, Jar Jar Binks...

I'm very excited to see what Michael Arndt can come up with. Any chance he can get another Oscar nomination for his screenplay?

The Zack Snyder news could be great as well, but he can be quite inconsistent.
Even as a film graduate, I "don't do" Star Wars - I hated C3PO and the Chewbacco thingy as a kid and have never watched it again. Boyfriend dragged me to two of the newer ones, both of which put me into a coma.

R2D2 was cute though.
I love the first 2 films (IV and V) the other ones are very much like the bulk of the Bond series, good in bits and pieces, bloody awful in others.

Excited for the new films though.
Mmmm, that kind of works for me... I have zero interest in Star Trek, but I liked the last film and the IMAX 3D preview of the next film looked genuinely amazing.
Thought this said 'STAN WARS' for a minute and got unfortunately excited. Another reason to hate sci-fi (I'll leave all you lovely people in peace).


Gosh, can you imagine a Stan Wars movie? I'd want the lead role, obviously. But all the Suga and Aloud posses, the XTina and Gaga and Britney armies, all battling each other and themselves. Love it.


I feel you.

Meanwhile, apparently Matthew Vaughn and Ben Affleck were also this close to landing the gig. I'd have preferred Affleck, if only because it would have brought something different. Now the two biggest space franchises are both reliant on one man's vision. It's odd.

The big piece of news is that apparently Vaughn was after Chloe Moretz for the lead role... which might mean that we'll finally have a Star Wars film with a female lead. I'm guessing, if they don't wipe away the Expanded Universe continuity (and piss everyone off), this is Jaina Solo. Or it might even be another child of Luke Skywalker; we only know about Ben but we haven't been told whether he ever remarries or has other children.
Trés excited.

I don't how I feel about JJ Abrams, I mean he knows his sci-fi like no other, but his determination to do both Star Trek and Star Wars worries me a bit. I don't want them to overlap and if any franchise needs the next film to be an absolute stunner, it's Star Wars. I just hope he's dedicated enough to the project.

I can't wait for that moment in the cinema where you see the first trailer. it's going to be epic.
The prequels had an issue of modernisation, with technology appearing far more versatile in the prequels breaking a feeling of continuity but the lightsaber fights were fantastic.

For the most part the cast were strong too, Anakin was dire in all 3 though and its flabbergasting that this wasn't picked up on before. It's for more reasons than just his acting the character himself was very one-dimensional when played out. As a child he wasn't dark or rebellious in any way and instead of making it into a more dramatic fall it just made it unbelievable. We all knew he was Vader, so he needed to have a mean streak (maybe he could've stabbed Jar-Jar or something?). It was just all a bit of a mess really.

The villains were an issue too, none of them were genuinely frightening in the way Vader and the Emperor were. Maul came close, but Grievous and Dooku were fodder. The expanded universe has some far scarier villains, like Sion for example.

As for the extra movie, I would love for it to be The Old Republic's story, with more about Revan and Kreia.


Agreed, especially on the villains. I don't know what the purpose of killing Maul was when Dooku and Grievous ended up being so throwaway.

My main issue with the prequels - and I have many issues with them - is Padme Amidala. There was so much potential in her character, but they wrote her terribly in Episode III and cut out all of her character development from Episode II. I still don't know why so many of her amazing deleted scenes still haven't been released.

There are two in particular I love - her putting on C-3PO's coverings with Owen (II), and the scene where Obi-Wan reveals he knows that she's married to Anakin (III). Those two scenes develop her character so much more than anything else in the trilogy.