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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. I mean... Now she's comparing being Jewish during the Holocaust to being an Outspoken Republican today? She just CANNOT help herself. Disney HAS to fire her because she's not going to stop if she never receives any repercussions.
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  2. He


    I hope she gets offed off-screen.

  3. Boom, there it is.
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Justice is served!
  5. I think if anything, they can safely just recast the role. There's really nothing about Cara that is so embedded in Gina, to me. I don't think the character itself is tainted.

    But I think Mandalorian season 3 is going to time jump a bit? I think I read that? I don't know. So they can just simply not use the character again, don't even have to kill her off. Can just have her pop up in a comic in the future with a new look or something.
    We never got definitive confirmation that Rangers of the New Republic was going to have Cara in it, although that was kind of implied. I'm sure they can just make a new character now for that, and introduce them in a Mandalorian episode if they insist on doing a backdoor pilot style intro.
  6. I may be a loser but at least I’ll never fumble the bag this much.
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  7. Think of how long the money would be for a Star Wars spinoff? And she blew just to hang out with #StopTheSteal people on Parler.
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  8. Finally! Now scrap her character and re-introduce Doctor Aphra.
  9. If they want to recast Lana Parrilla would be amazing.
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  10. Carano’s role doesn’t have to be recast. If they have to, just acknowledge that she’s on a mission in a land far far away and never mention her again. Like literally.
    To imagine, I wanted her to play She Hulk….
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  11. She is scum and Disney were fools for letting her come back for the second season
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  12. The mystery for me is how she got the role in the first place. Did people not see Haywire? She's dreadful.
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  13. Good riddance to such utter trash.
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  15. The replies under my tweet are... very interesting.
    Maybe twitter should simply not exist.
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  16. I actually liked Gina's character.
    Nothing ground breaking, but I did enjoy her on screen.
    But you deserve to be fired when you can't control your mouth and publicly say horrible things on your social media.
    You're allowed freedom of speech, but you aren't protected from the consequences and reactions to your words.
    Imagine getting a role in one of the best projects of Star Wars and then getting fired over your social media posts.
    Some people just aren't happy unless they're fucking themselves over.
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  17. Good riddance. Her character was lifeless and dull as a background droid.
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  18. And this is why yearly contracts are much better then signing people up for years and years
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