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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Her acting chops were never up to the show to be honest. Imagine being so dumb you can not keep your trash opinions to yourself to collect coin.

    it baffles me there’s people who still don’t understand that freedom of expression =/= freedom of consequences; Disney is a ruthless company girl, you got on their side you got to keep it together!
  2. Thinking of Frog Lady today, who just wanted a lovely jacuzzi and relaxing spa session with her unfirtalized offspring, before thoughtless Baby Yoda ruined her day.
    An ally he was not...
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  3. Music to my ears.

  4. Kind of hope they ditch the trilogy idea or just have him roadmap the plot of whole thing from start to finish before the first movie is even started. I don't think it NEEDS to be a trilogy just for the sake of Star Wars. And certainly not if it's going to be as disjointed of a story as the sequels were.
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  5. I worry that we’re gonna get a bunch of films in very different areas and it’ll feel... disjointed? Unless they’re going for a Marvel-like approach. I think the stand-alone films in between the sequel trilogy worked well, but having different series of films hitting the cinemas under the same SW umbrella feels awkward.

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  6. I mean, that seems to be the approach anyways. Disney+ series are going to have ObiWan's series pre-New Hope as well as the Rogue One prequel series. Mandalorian and Ahsoka and all those post-Original Trilogy shows. And The Acolyte which takes place in the "final days of the High Republic era" which is 200 years before the prequels, and the time in which all the current Star Wars books, comic books, graphic novels, manga, etc. are all taking place.

    So, yeah, wouldn't be surprised for them to release random films at random points in the timeline as well.
  7. I’m guessing the films will either take place in a post Rise of Skywalker world like Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron or be set in the High Republic era.
  8. With TV shows I can if understand? But film releases are such an event that I can’t help but feel it might backfire. Hope I’m wrong cause I’ll be downing every single second pf media they put out.

    And I should continue with Clone Wars ññ
  9. They really don't want to do anything else Skywalker timeline related, for films, I would assume.
    So yeah, I also think any future movies will be post-sequels or High Republic as well, and they will use the D+ shows to tell stories within the Skywalker saga.
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  10. Kelly was done so wrong, by fans and the films themselves.
  11. It's honestly pitiful how racist the general Star Wars fanbase can be. They recently started a new youtube weekly series where they discuss The High Republic era releases and whatnot, and that show is hosted by a black woman and she was getting so much hate for literally no reason, other than racism.

    Star Trek has had moments of similar disgusting behavior too.
  12. Kinda gagged Hayden is coming back.
  13. My sexual awakening
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  14. I’m quivering!!!!
  15. Also Owen and Beru getting to reprise their roles after being in Revenge of the Sith nearly 2 decades later.
  16. I'm assuming Hayden is returning as either flashbacks or some sort of haunting vision that keeps Obi Wan up at night.
  17. Bonnie Piesse escaping the abusive pyramid scheme sex abuse cult NXIVM and now getting that Disney paycheck! We love to see a victorious recovery.
  18. Or, you know... Vader?
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