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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. There's a master plan?
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  2. But we've seen the ending so...
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  3. Very much surejan.gif
  4. So the master plan is avoiding to touch anything sequel trilogy related? Wonderful.
    Although the Mandalorian has some small tie-ins, when it comes to the Empire leftovers plan with Grogu and cloning.

    I actually think the sequel trilogy desperately needs some more media to flesh it out to make it better. But i'd understand if they don't want to do that for awhile.
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  5. I'm curious with such an onslaught of tv shows coming down the pike... Star Wars is such a specific world. It's not like Marvel where the shows can look and feel radically different to each other. Star Wars is so defined. The characters, the architecture, the costumes, the power dynamics. Empire, Rebels, Jedi. Other than the one show that's set 100 years before The Phantom Menace, all the others are still centered around the same characters in the same timelines. Won't it get exhausting?
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  6. They're flying very close to the sun with franchise fatigue
  7. I can't comment on the amount of shows... Considering I watch Star Trek and all of it's various incarnations.
  8. This is what bothers me. There is a whole damn galaxy and thousands of years to explore… and we’re gonna focus on a period that lasted a couple of decades? Gtfo
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  9. I'd still really love them to take The Ninth Jedi from Visions and turn it into a series. I loved the lighsaber smithing and the color changing lightsabers and their mission to rebuild the Jedi order. Plus an anime show would be a nice change from all the live action shows. To be honest, I don't even care if it's canon. It's just fun.
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  10. We need some real Knights of the Old Republic type ancient tales!
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  11. Is it just me or does something seem off with Bens accent?
  12. A bit alarmed there are no reviews for this yet as opposed to say, Stranger Things. Do they do this for all Disney+ shows or are they keeping this under wraps?
  13. I know with The Mandalorian S1 reviewers only got to see it at the same time it aired to stop Baby Yoda getting out. Reviews could drop tomorrow maybe?
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  14. Baby Yoda 2 confirmed.

  15. Andor looks really good.
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  16. Andor's trailer does look like it will be the best of the bunch of the Disney+ shows (until queen Ahsoka's trailer is eventually released), but I need more. This time period is over. I don't know how many more stories they can pull from it that hold meaning to the Star Wars universe. It's all very "and this was happening right before x and this happened a few years after x but before this other film!" and...okay? It feels meaningless. Andor leads into Rogue One which leads into the original trilogy which leads into the Trio That Shall Not Be Named. None of these characters can last past these specific shows because we either know they die or assume they must die/not care for the main political conflict of Star Wars or the battle of jedi vs. sith because they're not around in the films.

    Give me a show with Rey and Finn training a new generation of force-sensitives that can course correct the sequel trilogy. Skip ahead to where everyone in the sequel trilogy is dead and there's some new threat to the galaxy. Go back hundreds or thousands of years to tell the stories of heroes or villains long gone or to show how humans became the dominant species in the galaxy. There are so many other options.

    I'm excited for The Acolyte as it is at least from another time period and Ahsoka purely because it's her, but it's infuriating when Star Wars has such rich lore to pull from (that Disney made non-canon lol) and we continue to pull from the same couple of years for...what? I can only assume because it's what people are familiar with and therefore they can sell merch.

  17. Same period? Boot.
  18. I’m just here for Andor and Obi Wan, of course the Mandalorian is still good but it’s getting overkill teebs but I expected nothing less from Disney. Boba Fett was a total Boba floppppp for me and I would just gag for something from a different era as mentioned.
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  19. How dare you say Mandalorian is getting overkill. Last season was truly spectacular.
    Can't wait for this new season
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