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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Watching this again, I have to agree with @Mr.Arroz that this feels very... small. It was weird seeing Darth Vader, the ultimate big bad of my lifetime show up on the set of a small village and have a lightsaber rematch with Obi Wan in an empty desert which ended after a minute. It's too... pedestrian. Maybe some things should be left to the movies.
  2. I’ve really enjoyed the series so far. For years I imagined a post Episode 3 Obi Wan storyline to basically be just him doing whatever against petty criminals on Tatoinne so it’s great that it’s been way more than that. It’s fan service-y, sure, but Obi Wan finding out that Anakin is still alive and the subsequent emotional reckoning (McGregor has been great) is good justification for why this series needed to exist… way more than some hokey plot about Leía getting kidnapped.

    The Inquisitors and their cool underwater base have been major. More of them please.
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  3. Mr.Arroz

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    I think these stories deserve the space of weekly episodes vs. 3-hour-long films...but if you're going to provide large moments, then they need to be appropriately filmed and budgeted. A lot of this feels like "will this do?" versus... "this is how it should be".
  4. It's in Jedi: Fallen Order!
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    I’m watching episode 3 again. Really really enjoying this.
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  6. Vader can literally toss people around like ragdolls but couldn't grab Obi-Wan's body and bring it to him over the fire? Why? Why'd he let him go? Very interesting.
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    He was making him suffer by burning, no?
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  8. Yes but then Vader says "Fetch him for me" or whatever and before the stormtroopers could do it, Tala gets the fire ignited further and the stormtroopers say they can't get around it. And so he just leaves.
  9. Cute episode but I LOLed when
    Obi Wan tried to sneak Leia under his trenchcoat in front of everyone. It reminded me of those cartoons where 3 kids stack up on top of each other and put on a trench coat to pretend they're an adult.
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  10. He


    Yeah all these choices are so world breaking. They just are there for the story to continue. It’s bad writing.
  11. Yeah i'm not sure I needed Vader vs ObiWan. I'd rather Vader have used fear to make Obi Wan run away, maybe narrowly escape. Say some intimidating things to him, fine. But I didn't need to see them clash just yet. It was a bit Meh. And only for Vader to just let him go at the end? So now what... we'll presumably see them confront each other again by the end of this. Hopefully it'll be more grandiose then. A battle between them deserves intense music and backdrop and display of power... This was kind of dinky.
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  12. Some of the CG looks a bit dodgy at times.

    The scene with the speeders looked like something from the Star Tours ride.
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  13. At this stage I'm kind of just seeing Obi Wan as a thin plot stringing together some really nice cinematic and nostalgic scenes which is a bit of a shame. Did get my life at
    seeing Hayden and Ewan fighting again and everything in the last 10 mins of the most recent episode

    A small voice in my head thinks it's a bit of a missed opportunity to make something deep and thought provoking around PTSD but we are where we are.
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  14. Yeah I feel like Star Wars is running on fumes and fan service at this point, there'sonly so many ways you can tread the same ground. The stakes are pretty low since we know how everything is going to end up but I don't think they are doing anything particularly smart or insightful with the characters. As you mentioned, it's the most threadbare plot linking set pieces together.
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  15. I hate that they did the Rise of Skywalker thing where Vader thought he took down the correct ship but Oops! two were taking off at the same time somehow for some reason! just like "Oops! I accidentally killed Chewie but not really because another ship took off at the same time"... Is everyone that uses the Force blind to huge ships taking off or...?
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  16. Also weren‘t the people waiting for the ship to return with Obi and that‘s why they hadn‘t left yet? That‘s why they had to hurry to go?

    So why if they had two ships ready? And both flew so they both worked ddd.
  17. And couldn't Vader sense there were no people in the ship he destroyed? And why didn't Reva open the door with her lightsaber in the first place? And how did little Leia learn electrical engineering?

    It's better not to think too much with this show. But mostly, as I mentioned earlier, it feels small and kind of cheap. It's like a b-tier Star Wars property with a-tier Star Wars icons. It still clashes to see Vader in these empty, claustrophobic sets.
  18. He


    This show is just kind of bad. I get it might be for kids, maybe? But the lack of quality and world building / world rule following is just staggering. Every character seems nerfed just for the sake of plot.
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  19. I’m consuming this on a surface level and really enjoying it (especially this last episode) but it’s a house of cards which crumbles under even casual examination.
  20. Anyone looking for an actual quality "Inquisitors hunting remaining Jedi" story should go play Jedi Fallen Order, honestly.
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