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I just think so many stories aren't...adding up. These series (besides Mandalorian) feel so stopgap and convenient. Like, a world as big as say, Coruscant and still, everybody in this universe knows only the same 15-20 people? And they always have access to each other by convenience?

It's giving tired.
Boba Fett was rotten, but there is no way this isn't Wandavision levels of great.


Anyone looking for an actual quality "Inquisitors hunting remaining Jedi" story should go play Jedi Fallen Order, honestly.
Fallen Order is second only to the Mandalorian as the best piece of Star Wars EU. The world building, the character arcs and the emotional scenes are all there. Again the plot is a bit thin but it feels fine within the landscape of everything else.
And couldn't Vader sense there were no people in the ship he destroyed? And why didn't Reva open the door with her lightsaber in the first place? And how did little Leia learn electrical engineering?

It's better not to think too much with this show. But mostly, as I mentioned earlier, it feels small and kind of cheap. It's like a b-tier Star Wars property with a-tier Star Wars icons. It still clashes to see Vader in these empty, claustrophobic sets.

Vader couldn't sense because he was so blindly rage focused on Obi-Wan. They even mentioned it a bit when he told Reva that all he'll see is "me".
Vader wants Obi Wan and it shows.
Ddd, the convenience of this.

I don't see how it's convenient to be honest. The same character who allowed the remainder of the Rebel Alliance to escape after the Battle of Hoth and had the Imperial Navy after one ship just so he could get to Luke.

Overall, I enjoyed it. I did go in with my expectations low because of course the story would have to be small in order to stay true to the original movie. I quite liked the Ahsoka Tano Easter egg during the duel between them.
I am a massive prequel trilogy and Clone Wars/Rebels fan but the Obi Wan show just was not it.

They didn't even let
Ian McDiarmid
do enough takes to get his voice right.
I enjoyed it but I didn’t have massive expectations because Star Wars always seems to be more miss than hit these days.

The tiny ship just going left and right dodging the star destroyer was actually hilarious and reminded me of the convenient ‘we are just out of range of the big cannons but they are still gona shoot us with small cannons and we have 3 hours of fuel left’ plot from The Last Jedi. The writing is always ridiculously camp!

I loved the final duel between Obi Wan and Vader though. Finally a fight that was fast and well choreographed. And Anakin’s voice mixing with Vader’s when the helmet split was great.
I really enjoyed that, they saved the best for last. One thing I've found / remembered after the past few weeks, is that Star Wars fans are most nitpicky fanbase going, espeically over stuff that has to do with Magic (more or less) and space in a different Galaxy... Use your imagination guys! Also let stories play out. The over- reaction to things from earlier eps that were resolved later was nearly mental.

Anyway more
Reva please, and maybe bring back O Shea Jackson too, Kumail too for a bit of comic relief.
And again, Little Leia was great
Well. I have... questions. But that's fine. This was enjoyable for the most part, although I wish it was even MORE emotional. This will likely be Ewan's final time as ObiWan and i'm not sure i'm left really feeling any more strongly for the character. If I had never seen Star Wars but was watching the movies and shows in chronological order and this is as far as I watched... I would feel real weird going from this to A New Hope. There really is just no undoing how quickly Obi-Wan bites the dust in his final duel with Vader in that. And like.. there is still a pretty big gap in between this and A New Hope and I just want to know what the hell Obi Wan is doing. This maybe did need a second season? I'm not sure!

All the scenes with Vader and ObiWan in this episode were really special though. The fight was well choreographed, and the planet was just dark enough that the CGI didn't look awful as it would've in daylight. The mix of Hayden and James Earl Jones' voices was haunting and will be memorable to me.

Charles Soule's "Darth Vader: Dark Lord Of The Sith" comics I still say are recommended reading to getting into the mind of Vader. That comic follows Vader on his first missions after being put in the suit, being put in charge of the Inquisitors and beginning to hunt down remaining Jedi. It also shows him further pushing away any Light left, knowing that Padme and his (to his knowledge) unborn children will never be his no matter how much power and control he gains. Also shows Palpatine giving Vader the Mustafar base we see in this episode. It's almost a cruel manipulative gift Palpatine gives to him... a reminder of the very planet Vader was born. No matter how much control Vader thinks he has, Palpatine is always the puppet master.

This episode, which obviously takes place years after that comic, really shows off how further down he's gone. But he's still lying to himself -- somewhere in there, Anakin still exists. Vader is such a perfect villain.

I really would love to see Reva get her own series. Maybe she can get a rematch with Vader. I know we're tired of seeing the same characters trotted out again and again but James Earl Jones is 91 years old and I want as much of his voice as we can get.

The last point I want to make: While I think Natalie Holt did a good job with the composing for this series. I wish some of the moments had more swells in the music to really give a sense of awe like John Williams gives. His theme for this show is actually really good and you should listen to the full version if you haven't.

I just would've liked a little more Duel Of the Fates type craziness from that final Vader ObiWan fight, personally.
Yeah the final episode was really great!?

Some aspects of the journey to get there were definitely not so great but the pay off was worth it in the end.


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Did anyone else get a little emosh @ Qui-Gon Jinn? The first Star Wars film I saw was The Phantom Menace, so even though I know the prequel trilogy gets a bad rap, it was probably the beginning of my queer awakening because:


I remember snagging this from the K-mart next to my house when I was a kid and keeping it hidden in my room away from my mom.

It was nice to see this little series finally find its footing in literally its last episode, but I'm glad it did. In ways it really put to rest some of the inconsistencies between both sets of films, and it ultimately makes them a little better than the work the prequels were tasked with alone.