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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. My dreams come true
  2. Literally just binge-watched 5 episodes in one go, absolutely loving Obi-Wan!
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  3. Andor looks really good and it looks like they actually went out their way to not use the Volume for near enough every shot which is only a good thing.
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  4. The show has always given me next level vibes in overall production and story. This is how I envision a modern telling of Star Wars to be. I really hope it delivers and stick the landing.
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  5. Methinks this is going to be one of the best things Star Wars has done
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It feels so expansive, which is what has always been needed with some of these newer installments. Excited!
  7. It has to be, being a spin-off of… the best film Disney has done since acquiring SW? But then again, I also thought Kenobi would be great and kfjfkdksj
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  8. For all the random characters that could show up... Babu Frik. Okay!
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  9. Glup Shitto or bust
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  10. Anyone check out Andor? I want some reviews before I delve in, I'm a little burnt out on Star Wars stuff.
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  11. Watched the first one - it's done in very muted colours, like a 70s spy thriller. If you liked Rogue One or the gritter bit of Solo, it's decent Star Wars. If you like bright colours or big damn heroes, this is not your Star Wars. The pacing is not as slow as the early episodes of the book of Boba Fett, but noticeably slower than Obi-Wan.
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  12. It’s a slow burn for sure, but releasing the first three episodes together was a good shout. No spoilers, but the tension and the pace builds throughout. Really looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    I’d never want Star Wars to go R rated but it’s nice to have something a bit darker and gritty. There’s some subtle Blade Runner vibes I thought. It’s also beautifully shot (so nice to see things filmed on location - the green screen made Obi Wan feel quite small in places) and the effects are movie quality.
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  13. I thought it was incredibly dull, and I’m finding it really hard to care about a rather minor character from a spin off movie that wasn’t a personal fave (despite the kickass third act).

    I’m also one of those people who isn’t exactly crying out for a muted and gritty approach (it’s Star Wars. Outer space. Funny alien creatures. Who wants realism???). So I’m probably not the target audience.

    I’ll stick with it in Series 1, but it really needs to up its game.
  14. He


    I’m pretty much here for it after the first 3 episodes. This feels more interesting and less milking the cow (like obi wan, which was on the embarrassing side). Diego Luna is also compelling on the role.
  15. Ah, episode 2 we get Fiona Shaw, and episode 3 things go boom and take a turn for the rebellious. Excellent!
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