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Starsmith - Give Me A Break

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by burzacott, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. 1st single from Starsmith! Producer of Ellie Goulding/Diana Vickers & Kylie & remixing just about every song going at the moment.

    I love it. Absolute tune and a half!
  2. This song is paired with another song called 'Knuckleduster.'
  3. It has no verses and no chorus!
  4. I think that's what they call Fidget House...
    The likes of I Think I Like It and any Crookers remixes. They take samples of whatever and repeat them to form a song of sorts.
  5. I like Starsmith but this is awful. So generic, sound like any random reedit at HypeMachine.
    Hope his first real single is better than this.
  6. He is the definition of shit.
  7. I thought he was going to do a Clavin Harris and actually sing on his own records!?! This is catchy. But so is Chlamydia.
  8. Like the world needs another producer who can't sing.
  9. He can do better (listen to his remixes, some are really good, like the one from Penguin Prison). I think I like it by Fake Blood was better.
  10. I really like this but I like this sort of sound anyway - Grum, Mylo etc.
  11. Starsmith is a textbook case of the emperor's new clothes.
  12. I thin he's pretty talented, but 1) this song is lame and 2) he had a go at a friend on Twitter who criticized him. I mean, Starsmith had to go out of his way to find this comment (it was to me only -and anyone who folllows me and my friend, I suppose). My friend has said a zillion nice things about his work before and the negative one was the one Starsmith answered. Douche behavior.
  13. Hmmmm. Maybe this is a little too "House-y" for this forum.
  14. Its the classic "sample a disco track and house it up" as seen in "Stupidisco", Onephatdeeva and others.

    And it works a treat.
  15. RRC


    It's very Grum, isn't it. I do like it (well, it's catchy), but surely he's going to be expected to sell quite a lot of records, come Sound of 2011, which he'll inevitably do quite well on. And this sort of stuff doesn't seem to sell.

    I imagine he could make a lot of money on the live/dance front, however.
  16. The original track that this samples is still better than this. Hell, the flop movie it's from (Can't Stop the Music starring the Village People) is better than this.
  17. Utter noise. Sorry Starsmith. I know you can do better than this.
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