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Startling Celeb Pics & Images

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Leopold, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. I literally only recognize Tupac.

    The others? Miranda Cosgrove, basic white girl and Eric McCormack ddddd.
  2. [​IMG]
    Sam Smith, pictured here with his fan (1956, colourised)
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  3. Is this real?
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  4. Yes.
  5. How much do you have to HATE YOURSELF just to buy that calendar and hang it on the wall?
  6. Ddddddddddd that's not even the worst picture.
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  7. The only use for that to hang is to throw darts at
  8. I kinda dig the picture (to play devils advogayte).
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  9. Sam Smith is in such an odd place. I'm not sure who is audience is, or who he think he's targeting.
  10. Sis...

    You're better than this.
  11. Sam Smith is awful but I really appreciate that kind of unbridled faggotry being on display. Let ha feel ha oats.
  12. People who enjoy sloowwwwww Tom Petty covers?
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  13. It’s a good picture when you remove Sam being in it from your mind.
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  14. I mean, it would be a perfectly suited calendar cover if Sam was a Berlin-based queer ketamine-addled club kid popstar who collaborates with Hercules and Love Affair but it's fucking... Sam Smith. It's so weirdly off brand.
  15. I see it now...
  16. Sam:
    This is my new album cover

    Sam management:
    Yes yes this will be the cover of your calendar, UK only. London basically.
  17. I know this is the startling picture thread, but geez. Give a binch a warning next time.

    The ice cream cone tattoo makes me irrationally annoyed also.
  18. I think that's who he thinks he is !!
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