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Steely Dan / Donald Fagen / Gary Katz Productions

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Bleu Noir, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Better news....

    This just out:

    One of the "Ultimate Guides" I've always hoped for. I have all the Dan, and solo, albums but know very little about them or the stuff behind the music. The piece on The Nightfly alone (#26 on my all-time albums list last year) provided a stack of info that I had no idea about. Fascinating and essential reading. Plus the section at the back, with collaborations and features, brings up yet more surprises and things to investigate further.

    These issues seem to be getting less frequent, interspersed with (rather pointless and expensive) rehashed "Deluxe Editions" of previous publications (Tom Waits appearing as the latest), and the cover price has risen a bit, but they really are worth it. We've had Joni, Prince and now the Dan in the last few months!
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  2. Thanks for alerting me Eric. Will pick that up next time I am in Easons.
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  3. As the new magazine has got me listening to their stuff again, here's my Donald Fagen solo compilation, made a couple of years ago. It's actually the second version; I updated it when Sunken Condos was released as by that time I'd also found a few 90s CD-singles in various charity/used stores so I could go B-side crazy, ha.

    01 True Companion from the "Heavy Metal" soundtrack
    02 I.G.Y (What A Beautiful World)
    03 New Frontier
    04 Ruby Baby
    05 Maxine
    06 Century's End [Single Edit] from the "Bright Lights Big City" soundtrack
    07 Shanghai Confidential "Century's End" b-side
    08 Tomorrow's Girls [Single Edit]
    09 Confide In Me "Tomorrow's Girls" b-side
    10 Trans-Island Skyway [Single Edit]
    11 Big Noise, New York "Trans-Island Skyway" b-side
    12 Home At Last live
    13 Snowbound [Single Edit]
    14 H Gang
    15 I'm Not The Same Without You
    16 Miss Marlene

    I did a 3CD Steely Dan set around the same time, but I want to have another go at that. I even bought one of those "early years" 2CD comps (all differently titled, but roughly identical content) which may or may not go onto my expanded anthology.
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