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Stefflon Don - SECURE (new mixtape)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. She was a BBC Sound of 2017 gorl but she's been going for years.

    Her Real Ting mixtape is very good.
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  2. Thanks to you and others posting her videos in that BBC thread I got into her. I enjoy her EP. 16 Shots and Forever are my favourites.

    And this video has to be posted again:

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  3. Hair goals.
  4. She's going to be so big this year. Real Ting is such a great mixtape.
  5. To be honest I think there was no need to re-release Real Ting again as a remix just to feature Giggs. I think he just takes away the energy from the song! She could released a new track instead, I want to hear more from her!
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  6. 16 Shots is great. She looks good in the video. Hope she gets some success.
  7. This is SO good
  8. I absolutely love this girl

  9. Live performance of 16 Shots on Jools Holland. Sounding great!
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  10. 3Xs


    Real Ting is huge. She's gonna be huge.
  11. With a bit of a push, I can see 'Envy Us' becoming a big hit in the UK
  12. Dilutes what made her different in the first place a bit too much, but can see i she becoming a hit

  13. I don't like it. It sounds like something Ester Dean would try launching her solo career with in 2011.
  14. Nowhere near advance good as her previous stuff. I have no real desire to listen to this again.
  15. Well I bop. Give ha a stream plz.
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