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Stefflon Don - SECURE (new mixtape)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. I mean the last 30 secs alone...
  2. The video made me fall in love with this all over again. Such a bop.
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  3. New feature with Mavado:

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  4. She may as well give up if this is considered her next single
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  5. It's...not that bad. A little unremarkable, sure, but it's no Ding-A-Ling.
  6. Why must she follow-up each banger with an absolute clanger?
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  7. Which means banger incoming in Oct though!
  8. New mix tape is out next Friday and is up for preorder now:


    01 Lil Bitch
    02 Jellio
    03 Finesse
    04 Interlude
    05 What You Want (with Future)
    06 Pretty Girl (feat. Tiggs Da Author)
    07 Uber (feat. Ebenezer)
    08 Precious Heavy
    09 Both Ways (feat. Fekky)
    10 Crunch Time
    11 Favourite Girl (feat. Haile)
    12 Hurtin’ Me (feat. Sean Paul, Popcaan and Sizzla)
    13 Senseless
    14 Regular
    15 Win (with DJ Khaled)
    16 Free Drip Tony Montana (Online)
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  9. Artwork is serving late 90s Lil Kim realness. Amazing.
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  10. I think it’s a deliberate homage?
  11. This is another mixtape or an album?
  12. I mean...what's the difference these days?
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  13. Looking forward to a full length project by Ms Stefflon (literally who cares if it's an album or mixtape). Senseless has been on repeat since it dropped and Hurtin Me was a major bop, shame it never properly crossed over Stateside. Feel like she's building a really good foundation for herself in time for a ""proper"" album release next year.

    I appreciate the homage on the cover but all I can think of is how big her head looks and lack of neck ddd.
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  14. I hope she has more stuff that sounds like the previous mixtape. I really enjoyed that but haven’t been as impressed with her subsequent stuff.
  15. At least Ding A Ling didn't make the mixtape but I'm perched for this. She low key looks like a bobblehead on the cover.
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  16. It's perfectly fine, if completely unmemorable.
  17. Lil Bitch goes off hard.
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  18. What You Want is also out... why does it sound so quiet?
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