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⭐STEP IT UP! THE KARA DISCOGRAPHY RATE - #52 - The first 11 leaves⭐

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by RUNAWAY, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. It's a little bit more 'terribly boring' than downright offensive or bad, so is this really their worst worst song? Who knows, but I really do not care enough about it to argue dddd

    Rollin' can leave now, though!!
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  2. Lupin can go!

    top 5 that is, you beasts! I will never forgive yall for what happened in Sweetune's rate! >:(
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  4. I’m profoundly okay with that elim, the song really has no business existing when the album was clearly done & dusted by the time I’ll Be There finished!

    @RUNAWAY shelling out coin to serve us faxxx and info, we love the dedication oppa! And @junglefish’s talent requires no introduction, but the way you classed up even the most nothingy track here - iconic.
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  5. Well that's a good start for me.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Which one of you was correct in surmising our next elimination?


    Lovely bap bap bap
    So really bap bap bap be
    You need me that that that that

    If you’re like me, call me



    AVERAGE: 5.423

    KAMILIAS: 9.5 @Luck, 9 @aux, 7.5x2 @Crisp X, @Ana Raquel
    ANTIS: 0 @clowezra, 1 @Wills, 2x2 @Vixen, @BeingNormal
    MY SCORE: 6


    5 voters: #75, 5.3 average
    10 voters: #73, 5.55 average
    15 voters: #73, 5.8 average
    20 voters: #75, 5.612 average
    25 voters: #75, 5.37 average

    Is anyone actually surprised by this result? I'm not....and surprisingly this isn't my least favorite song in this rate. That honor was saved for....another song. Rollin' however, is a complete monstrosity. The song served as the 4th track on the group's third mini album entitled 루팡 (Lupin) [oddly enough spelled phonetically on the cover as lupang]. The song was (thankfully) not even touched by Sweetune, and instead was written and composed by Han Sang-won (True Color), with arrangement by Yoon Youngmin. Han Sang-won is a well known musician in South Korea [citation needed] and wrote several other songs for the group (just the music, thank god) but how does the composer of Break It (one of the group's best tbh) come up with this song, and then somehow also goes on to write GO GO SUMMER and Girl's Power of all songs?! He also wrote Falling U by T-ARA so there is some talent there (and apparently he loves autotune ddd), but I guess he was just having a bad day when he wrote Rollin'. Also strange, he's credited for contributing background vocals to the song, along with backing singer Jessica K who contributed vocals to most of their releases.

    Basically let's get this thing over with. This song is a total anomaly in their imperial period (aka the Sweetune era) and it's better off forgotten about. When I first heard this song in....what 2011(???!!?) it was dated then, and it sounds even worse now, with the over-usage of autotune making the song an irritating mess. I really should have just lowered my score to a 4 or something, but I do like it somewhat more than the song I scored the lowest in this rate. To think that a guitar legend would go on to write this piece of shit song is so baffling to me, but whatever. Let's get to the comments you left.

    Surprisingly, or not, none of our high scorers felt like defending their....choices they made, so we're kicking it straight off with all antis. Take it away Wills! "Borderline unlistenable, everything about this is putrid." Cotton Park shaded everything and stated point blank: "I like the part where it ends." Empty Shoebox tries to trigger me by bringing up a certain group: "This sounds childish. Not what I would expect at this stage of their careers. They're not Oh My Girl. Only they can pull that off." M24 used the dreaded b word again: "Autotune doesn't work on a song like this. I'd rather listen to a ballad from them than this. And that's saying a lot." Even our queen of vocals Vixen couldn't praise the song: "Sorry but I fucking hate the autotune, and the song is just annoying. I am so confused as to why this mini had one of their best title track EVER, yet the mini itself is so dire?" I will agree with you there, but I can bop to Umbrella and Tasty Love sometimes. clowezra had a similar concern: "Oh man...this is unforgivably bad. How was this vocal take accepted, they sound like a pack of cats?"
    And ending with my absolute favorite comment from Being Normal: "Girl, you had rolls all over the place in the back, It was disgusting". I think that about sums it up.....

    The girls took pity on us and never performed this song live, so instead of embedding the studio version below, I found this nightcore version that somehow makes the song more bearable:

    Now that the obvious worst song in the rate is out, what do we think will be going next? This bottom 10 is....quite interesting, if I do say so myself. Stay tuned!
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  7. Rollin Love


    Rollin Cake


    Rollin Kiss


    Rollin Daaaance

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  8. You know what, Rollin' is bad but at least it's entertainingly bad. It should have outlasted the likes of I'll Be There and Wait, which just make me comatose.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Sorry, no elimination tonight~ I'm at a pride picnic with friends from work, but I'll be sure to get one out tomorrow!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    On his shoulders
    fly fly away
    In the person's eyes you looked into shyly
    Should our eyes match for a second

    나비 (나루토 질풍전 1기 엔딩) (Butterfly) (Naruto Shippuuden 1st ending)

    AVERAGE: 5.798

    KAMILIAS: 8.5 @Luck, 8.25 @RUNAWAY
    ANTIS: 2 @Hurricane Drunk, 3 @Slice of Life, 4x4 @Empty Shoebox), @askew, @evilsin, @BeingNormal
    MY SCORE: 8.25

    5 voters: #74, 5.65 average
    10 voters: #75, 5.175 average
    15 voters: #75, 5.516 average
    20 voters: #74, 5.637 average
    25 voters: #74, 5.76 average

    So I have a confession to make, as this was an oversight on my end. I had never even heard of this song before researching for this rate, and I had no idea that this song first premiered in 2008 as the ending theme to the Korean dub of Naruto. I used the 2013 release date that Melon had as the soundtrack was only officially released in Korea in October of 2013, and the song should have been the second song chronologically on the list of extras. Would it have received better scores if it was surrounded by the similarly dated sounding Fighting and Love is Fire? We may never know... Also, this song is so weird...there are no English lyric videos for this on the entire internet, and the best result I could find was a livejournal page from 2009, so excuse the shitty translation above since it's literally the only one I could find.

    Butterfly was composed and arranged by Lee Chang-hee with lyrics written by Shin Dong-sik, and we're just gonna believe that's true, because these credits come straight from the actual ending video of the Korean dub of Naruto. I was literally unable to find a physical CD of the soundtrack, and I even looked for a possible unboxing video since those have been helpful as well, but I found NOTHING. The song is a typical anime-sounding song, but it's incredibly dated, and isn't particularly great in any way. If I had ever actually watched Naruto, I feel like this wouldn't exactly be one of the most memorable ending theme songs. No shade, but like....seriously this is boring. I gave it the score I did purely because I found it fine, and apparently I was jamming out to it when I was initially scoring but listening now.....


    It was all antis again for the commentary sent in, and...can you blame them? Let's start off with BeingNormal: "Sounds old and not in a good way" This literally sounds like it was recorded even further in the past than 2008, so I honestly. see where you're coming from. Slice of Life was outraged: "gurls what the hell is this??? I expected a lot from a Naruto OST omfg this is actually heartbreaking". Similarly stunned was miss Vixen: "I can't believe they have a fucking OST song for NARUTO, of all the anime possible." And M24: "I… didn't expect this kind of song as a Naruto ending them." I can't tell if this is shady or not ddddddd. And finally, Empty Shoebox will finish us off tonight: "How many endings are there? How do you choose your ending in a television programme? Is it like the Olympics where you switch to one channel to watch the cycling but the archery continues on the second? As you can see, I have many questions, but the song has had no effect on me." To answer one of your questions, usually with anime, the season has an opening song and an ending song, and sometimes the songs will change throughout the season, just because, so...there you go. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This song was the ending to the anime in season 1, and I guess a different song replaced it in season 2 judging by the actual soundtrack to the show.

    Obviously this song has never been performed live, but somehow there's a video of the recording of the song (most likely released on some Naruto DVD back in the day) and it's cute. The girls look straight out of the Rock U era, so the song was probably recorded during promotions for the first mini album.

    What song do we want to go next? Any guesses at all?
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  11. The lack of otakus on this subforum!!!!!
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  12. Naruto deserves this song as their OST for being the worst shonen anime in this generation
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I'm feeling productive, so I'm ready to serve up another elimination.


    I can certainly write you a letter everyday, but
    I am always alone as I think of only you
    I will make a path of love in this letter

    Soundlessly, I want you to fill my heart

    편지할께요 (I’ll Write You A Letter)

    AVERAGE: 6.028

    KAMILIAS: 8.5 @Crisp X, 8x2 @vague, @clowezra
    ANTIS: 2x2 @Wills, @Hurricane Drunk, 4x3 @ysev, @junglefish, @Empty Shoebox
    MY SCORE: 7.5

    5 voters: #66, 6.5 average
    10 voters: #70, 6.1 average
    15 voters: #71, 6.016 average
    20 voters: #73, 5.762 average
    25 voters: #73, 6.00 average

    And the cuts from the extras just keep coming! This is I'll Write You A Letter, KARA's contribution to the collaboration album "2011 Kim Hyung Suk With Friends Part.1". The song is a cover version of Lena Park's original released on her 1999 album "A Second Helping", and is quite well known in Korea, also being covered by IU, f(x)'s Luna, and Sunny from Girls' Generation. As usual, the writing credits were eluding me for quite some time, but thank you Korean Wikipedia for coming through with the information! The song's lyrics were written by Noh Young-shim, and the song was composed and arranged by.....you guessed it, Kim Hyung Suk. The song in its original form is a lovely piano ballad about missing a lover, and conveying that feeling through a letter to them. Lena Park's amazing vocal performance elevates the song far above the cliche subject matter, and she serves an incredible high note in the climax of the song, which is.....not replicated in KARA's version ddddddd.

    The group's cover of the song takes on a new bossa nova arrangement (which honestly sounds like it was ripped off from IU's cover from 2010, just a year before the collaboration album was released) and, while definitely different for them, it doesn't really go anywhere, or do anything interesting that the original didn't already do. The song is an outlier in KARA's discography, and....pretty much everyone agreed it wasn't very good, and honestly, same. For me, Lena Park's original, and her self-cover from 2010 are both hugely better than KARA's version, mostly because of her superior vocals (not to shade any of the girls). The song also received an official music video (yes, somehow the brown storybook mess seen in the YouTube playlist IS official.....)

    As for commentary this time, we had mostly haters, but clowezra found a new song that they liked: "This is a lovely wee rate discovery, love the lounge vibe." BeingNormal spilled: "Appreciate the bossa nova influence, but the melody is too midtempo filler". And on the opposite end of the bossa nova spectrum is Wills: "Perhaps I’m alone in this, but mellow bossanova is not what I come to KARA for." Appreciating the vocals was M24: "Just too samey for me. The vocals are definitely lovely." And then my favorite comment comes from Empty Shoebox: "I expect to hear this in the background of a restaurant scene in a spy film." and honestly, that would be iconic. Make it happen DSP!

    This is another song that was never performed live, but there's plenty of great covers so I'll link those below:

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  14. I’m a sucker for this style of music (my parents raised me on Andy Williams and Burt Bacharach), so that ‘walking through the city on a summers day in an anime’ soundtrack moment is right up my street. Stunning track.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    We're eliminating another extra today......

    The closer it gets,
    I’m busy running away
    It’s like Tom and Jerry.

    A little awkward

    My Angel

    AVERAGE: 6.182

    KAMILIAS: 8.5 @Luck, 8x3 @aux, @Crisp X, @RUNAWAY
    ANTIS: 3 @Empty Shoebox 4.5 @Wills, 5x6 @lalaclairi_, @junglefish, @Slice of Life, @Hurricane Drunk, @GeiPanda, @ysev
    MY SCORE: 8

    5 voters: #72, 5.90 average
    10 voters: #70, 6.10 average
    15 voters: #69, 6.183 average
    20 voters: #72, 6.05 average
    25 voters: #72, 6.15 average

    My Angel is a compilation song by the group, released on the DSP Special Album entitled "White Letter" released on December 15th, 2014. The compilation also featured labelmates Rainbow and A-JAX (R.I.P.), and also contained duets by DSP Girls (at the time only Somin and Chaewon), and another by Gyuri and Seungyeon which I may inflict on all of you in a part 3 KARA solo rate which I'm undecided about at this time....

    The following information came from an unboxing video where the quality wasn't really the best, so if anything is incorrect, know that I did my best to source this. The song's lyrics were written by Maffy, and the song was composed and arranged by ZigZagNote. Lyrically the song is about a back-and-forth kind of relationship where the couple is chasing after one another, and playing hard to get a the same time.

    This song is an upbeat little number that I didn’t really see going this early if I’m being honest. For me, it could've outlasted at least 10 or 15 other songs here that I will not be naming at this time. It’s cute, and definitely not bottom 5 worthy, but it’s an extra soooo......an early elimination was pretty much guaranteed. How on brand for Popjustice ddd. I like this song a ton, and for me, it’s on par with Into the World (the other track from this compilation).

    For our commentary, nobody was exactly raving about the song, and it's an extra, so there were only 2 commenters anyway. Empty Shoebox lets us know how they feel: "Vocal processing, combined with a poor instrumental. Ouch." and M24 did their best but couldn't get into it: "Sounds like early Kara… it's not too catchy for me so far, and I've listened to it a bunch of times now."

    The group never performed this song live, so here's the studio version:

    And let's have some bops with similar titles:

    We go back to the albums section tomorrow. Any guesses as to which album we'll eliminate a track from?
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  16. What's that? Category is Better Songs Called Angel?

    As for what's next, there are a few KARA 1st tracks I wouldn't mind seeing the back of.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I only had so many options okayyyyyy?

    As for your prediction.....you'll have to wait and see!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Can I get a new page for the next elimination? Pleaseeeeee?
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  19. I’m ready!
  20. Pretty Girl just

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