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⭐STEP IT UP! THE KARA DISCOGRAPHY RATE - #52 - The first 11 leaves⭐

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by RUNAWAY, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. Let’s get to the next page and eliminate I’ll be there juseyo.
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    just try your smile, and dry your eyes
    I will bring back the moon into your sky
    and ever you will, remember daring

    I'll be there just for you

    I'll Be There

    AVERAGE: 6.269

    KAMILIAS: 9x2 @Vixen @Love Deluxe , 8x3 @ysev @BeingNormal @Wills
    ANTIS: 2 @junglefish 4 @Slice of Life 4.5 @Joli Chat
    MY SCORE: 6.25

    5 voters: #71, 6.00 average
    10 voters: #74, 5.50 average
    15 voters: #74, 5.70 average
    20 voters: #71, 6.075 average
    25 voters: #71, 6.21 average

    And our first album to get a second cut is of course, The First Bloooooming (I have to look up how many O's there are EVERY TIME sksksks). I'll Be There is the second to last track from the group’s first album (excluding the instrumentals at the end), and is, OF COURSE, a ballad. One that, in my opinion, works a lot better as a closer than Tear Eraser, our 76th place song in case anyone forgot....I'm not saying I like this song more than Tear Eraser, because I definitely don't. It just would work better as a closer. The song is a standard mid-tempo ballad, and the subject matter.....well with a title like that, you can literally already tell what kind of song it is. It's a ballad about.....being there for someone when they need you. Groundbreaking. The only total bop with this title that I can think of off the top of my head is Heejin and Hyunjin's duet. I'm sure there'll be plenty more that get posted in here after this is posted that we can happily listen to instead of this slog of a song......it's just such a YAWN of a song, and for me, the last 3 songs of this album could've just been cut, and it could've been a cute mini instead of....what we got. The song was written, composed, and arranged by someone credited in the liner notes as Big Bang (thankfully, not the boy group, but some research told me his name is actually Bang Seun Chul). I wasn't able to find....literally anything notable that he's written or produced, so.....yeah. Let's get onto the commentary for this one, and y'all had A LOT to say.

    Surprisingly, for a song in the bottom 10, there was a lot of positive commentary! Let's throw it over to clowezra: “I'm such a sucker for 1st/2nd gen k-pop ballads. I'm a huge SM/TVXQ fan so this sits right with me.” My oppa Wills: “I’m overscoring off the strength of that final chorus and there’s nothing anyone can do about it!” Another one with BeingNormal: “This screams very early 00s K-pop ballad and I love it” And finally miss Vixen: “Okay, I bet everyone is going to hate this, and honestly it's not *that* great, but there's something ethereal and pretty about this late 80s, early 90s ballad. And again, Sunghee is singing like rent was due.” M24 wasn't living for the song: “I don't vibe with this one at all. Maybe coming right after Don't Be Shy and The Two of Us doesn't do this song any favors.” And echoing my exact thoughts is our lowest scorer, and my partner in crime junglefish:“This is… a slog. The typical ballad you’d get on every K-Pop release at the time and even as a ballad lover, I’m bored out of my mind.” Our final comment comes from Empty Shoebox who keeps the hilarity coming with their commentary, and I'm living for it: “It's not bad, but it's definitely a keyring torch when some of the songs in this rate are military searchlights.”

    This was another song with no live performances, so we'll link some better songs below!

    We'll reach the top 70 tomorrow....which starts us off with our first tie. We have one section getting ANOTHER cut, and another section getting its first elimination. Which songs are on the chopping block? Please comment below!
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    못 지킨 말 (Broken Promise)
    Break It
    맘에 들면 (If U Wanna)
    Secret World
    Don’t Be Shy
    우리 둘 (The Two of Us)
    I’ll Be There
    눈물 지우개 (Tear Eraser)

    KARA 1st
    Rock U
    Baby Boy
    이게뭐야 (What’s This?)
    Good Day

    하니 (Honey)
    Pretty Girl
    요를레이 (Yodel)
    My Darling
    나는.. (Ing)

    미스터 (Mister)
    마법 (Magic)
    몰래몰래 (Secretly, Secretly)
    Let It Go
    Take A Bow
    똑 같은 맘 (Same Heart)

    Tasty Love
    루팡 (Lupin)

    Love Is
    점핑 (Jumping)

    따라와 (Follow Me)
    Date (My boy)

    그리운 날엔 (Miss U)

    둘 중에 하나 (Runaway)
    숙녀가 못 돼 (Damaged Lady)
    In The Game
    Follow Me

    맘마미아 (Mamma Mia)
    So Good
    멜랑꼴리 (24/7)
    빨간불 (Red Light)
    이야기 (Story)

    그땐 그냥 (Just Back Then)
    I Luv Me

    나비 (나루토 질풍전 1기 엔딩) (Butterfly) (Naruto Shippuuden 1st ending)
    Love is Fire
    별을 따다줘 (Stars Falling From the Sky)
    We’re With You
    2Me (투미)
    편지할께요 (I’ll Write You A Letter)
    Beautiful Night
    Love Letter
    Don't Hurry
    My Angel
    세상속으로 (Into the World)

    ~I've also updated the results section on the first page~
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  4. Seunghee was really singing singing.

    It's such a shame she left so early ddd.
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  5. She’s sanging for Jehovah now.

    Okay let’s get rid of the following:
    • Don’t Be Shy
    • Wait
    • Lonely
    • Love Is
    • Burn
    • Miss U
    • In The Game
    • Smoothie
    • Live
    • Stars Falling From The Sky
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  6. [​IMG]

    Not on my f*cking watch!!!

    Yodel could leave now please
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  8. Drop Love Is from that list and I’m looking at a 5.5 average for the rest. We remain (90%) aligned!

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  9. This is nonsense fraülein, Yodel is a 7 at the very least!
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  10. ddd I regret my Yodel score already because I'm listening right now and it's looking camp right in the eye
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Where are you? In my white memory, like cotton
    You come down, making me cry
    Where are you? Are you watching too?
    You were always the first one who ran to me


    AVERAGE: 6.375 [TIE]

    KAMILIAS: 10 @RUNAWAY, 9 @Love Deluxe, 8.75 @askew
    ANTIS: 3 @Wills, 4 @Empty Shoebox, 4.5 @junglefish

    MY SCORE: 10

    5 voters: #63 [TIE[, 6.70 average
    10 voters: #68, 6.25 average
    15 voters: #67, 6.316 average
    20 voters: #70, 6.25 average
    25 voters: #69 [TIE], 6.36 average

    Oof not one of my 10s going in the bottom ten…..

    Lonely is the closing track to the group’s 3rd mini album Lupin, and the parent mini album becomes our second album to receive more than one cut. Do I even have to say it? The song is a BALLAD. YET AGAIN. Because you all hate ballads, but I'm really not surprised about this going.... Despite the ten I gave the song, I always knew it would leave early. I just really love the vibe of the song, and SOMEONE had to be here for the ballads. And the chorus is just so gorgeous with the harmonies <3 The song's lyrics were written by current Sweetune lyricist Song Soo-yoon, and former Sweetune producer, and current Monotree member Lee Joo-hyung. Surprisingly, the song is about....being alone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The members all really showed off their vocals on this song, but Nicole really impressed me with this song. Her parts in the first and last chorus, and the second verse in between really showed her growth as a vocalist, and this is where I started appreciating her as more than just the.........subpar rapper
    (don't come for me please, I'm a Nicole and Jiyoung bias!!)

    The group’s Korean ballads are just so boring half the time, but this is one of my favorites. Their Japanese output was just so much better when it came to ballads. I can't even tell you how many times I've listened to HANABI and Ima, Okuritai "Arigatou" (aka Dear Kamilia), which some of you might have been wondering why we're not rating. The reason being that it was released in Japanese as the b-side to Jet Coaster Love over 6 months prior to the Korean version. With Jumping, the two versions had the same official release date, so the Korean version was included for consistency, and so we could rate the entire mini album uninterrupted. But yeah, enough of the behind the scenes stuff....out of all the people that actually submitted commentary for this song, only ONE person had something nice to say....

    The boring brigade started with Empty Shoebox: “It feels lazy to use this adjective, but it's boring.” And it continued with M24: “It's not as boring of a ballad as those in their first two minis, but it doesn't excite me much either.” Wills kept is simple and let us know how he really feels about the Lupin mini: “God this EP runs out of steam hard.” Vixen shaded the song: “This early SNSD ballad… That's all I have to say…” And tbh, tea. clowezra has the last word, and it's finally a positive one: “This is so stupidly to my k-pop midtempo taste, a lovely little song.”
    This song was actually performed live a few times, at KARASIA 2012 (judging by Nicole's hair color and style) and also on a radio show in 2010 during promotions for the mini album. Please enjoy!

    Part 2 of our tie will be coming tomorrow, as....well let's just be honest, I'm TIRED. I think my job is trying to kill me so that's always fun. Our second song is also from an untouched album, so feel free to place your guesses below!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Alright, so your host has had a VERY long day. I literally JUST got home from my job, and it's just after 10:30pm here. I've started on this elimination, but I only have the bones of it done. I'm working from home tomorrow, and can hopefully get the entire elimination out midday, or in the morning before I start, but I'll let you all know if there's any more delays. Please pray for me in the hopes that I don't end up working any overtime tomorrow. <3

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Like a glass bead that never breaks,
    if only we could be forever
    I want to stop time in my dream

    If you feel the same way


    AVERAGE: 6.375 [TIE]

    KAMILIAS: 9.5 @RUNAWAY, 8x2 @Hurricane Drunk, @Love Deluxe
    ANTIS: 3 @Wills, 4.5 @clowezra, 5x6 @Ana Raquel, @BeingNormal, @GeiPanda, @Joli Chat, @askew, @M24
    MY SCORE: 9.5

    5 voters: #54 [TIE], 7.20 average
    10 voters: #62, 6.725 average
    15 voters: #63, 6.70 average
    20 voters: #66, 6.437 average
    25 voters: #69 [TIE], 6.36 average

    Surprise surprise, another ballad bites the dust. And I really love this one as well.....obviously. Dreamlover is the closing track to the group's final Korean release, their 7th mini album entitled "In Love". The song's lyrics were written by Dittomood (who I can find literally no information about), and was composed and arranged by Lee Jun-yeop (possibly of Woollim Entertainment??) and MachWave. The song is notably sung only by Park Gyuri and Han Seungyeon, and with its release, it made Gyuri the only member to have vocals on EVERY KARA SONG in their discography (excluding the solo collection for obvious reasons). Seungyeon would have had that honor as well, except for the fact that she's absent from the song Peek-A-Boo off this same mini album.

    The song started off strong in the rate, placing at a respectable 52 after the first 5 voters, but it just plummeted down in the rankings until it was finally tied with Lonely after voters 25 and 26. BeingNormal called it: "Too boring, even for KARA ballad". Empty Shoebox is confused or something, unless Dittomood is a pseudonym I'm unaware of: "I'm sure the translated lyrics are lovely, given that the girls wrote them, but I just can't click with the song. It doesn't grab me." M24 kind of spilled: "Lovely dreamy vibe. Sadly, I doze off pretty easily to these kinds of songs ddd." And in the same vein, resident KARA ballad hater Wills came for the song: "Sleepy to a fault, this might be their least inspired ballad."

    Speaking of sleepy, that's me after this hellish week at work. I'm probably only going to get out one elimination tomorrow, and most likely nothing on Monday while I try to catch up on life.

    The song was never performed live, not at their showcase for the mini album, or their final Japanese tour, so here's the studio version, and as....someone pointed out, the official YouTube upload's artwork is from a fansite or illegal download site ddddddd.

    And let's have another classic that's much less sleepy:

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I'm really upset about this one.....

    Baby, Why am I here? Oh~
    You already know why
    For me.. Everything is dark without you

    If you're not in this world what can I do


    AVERAGE: 6.394

    KAMILIAS: 9.5 @askew, 9.25 @RUNAWAY, 7.75x2 @Love Deluxe, @vague
    ANTIS: 3 @junglefish (the BETRAYAL!), 4 @Empty Shoebox, 5x4 @GeiPanda, @Hurricane Drunk, @Joli Chat, @Wills
    MY SCORE: 9.25

    5 voters: #59, 7.05 average
    10 voters: #67, 6.375 average
    15 voters: #68, 6.233 average
    20 voters: #67, 6.412 average
    25 voters: #68, 6.38 average

    And another untouched album suffers its first loss! Wait is the closing track from the group's first mini album released in July of 2008, after regrouping with two new members due to the departure of Kim Sunghee. Lemme tell you, I was NOT ready for this song to go yet, and I hate you all for ranking it so low. For me, the first mini album is bulletproof (aside from Good Day) and it finishes on a high note with this wonderful mid-tempo ballad that beautifully showcased the girls' vocals early on in their career. The song was written, composed, and arranged by Hwang Seong-jae (BJJ Music), and is honestly such a standout to me from their early period, but I honestly have some love for nearly every song in their catalog, except for a select few. We'll get there.

    As usual, nobody that actually liked this song even left commentary......so we're starting off with junglefish who apparently just wants me to suffer: "Like most of their early ballads, it’s bland and pointless." M24 proclaims the song as a "Cute ballad, that's all I can say. So far I haven't listened to a ballad from them that's up to the standard of their bops." Listen harder sis. And continuing to be wrong, we have Empty Shoebox: "In a rate of more than 70 songs, this one definitely blends in with the background noise."

    The girls performed this song live at the first ever KARASIA concert way back in 2012, and the performance was lovely, so please check it out!

    I'm getting really sick of eliminating ballad after ballad, especially the ones I absolutely love like this one, so for our next elimination we finally change course, and we'll be eliminating a non-ballad, and it's also a song from another untouched album. Please anticipate! (And please comment or something so I don't feel like I'm just talking to myself ddddd).

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  15. Naturally Good Day is the only song I actually like ffffffff


    This is going extraordinarily well. Too extraordinarily well… I’m fearful.
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  16. If you guys have done the seminal classic Rock U(r Bussy) wrong....

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  17. One of the biggest rate discoveries for me, what a gorge wee bop.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Here's my latest conquest in owning the full discography of the group! Gotta get those Don't Hurry writing credits somehow! Also, I can't wait to terrorize @Wills and @junglefish with Nicole's Lost (Japanese ver.) in the KARA Solo Rate™ sksksks


    The next elimination is coming shortly. Only 1 person has called for this one....​
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Can I get a couple more posts to get to the next page? Also, you may be noticing some changes to the writeups (and the formatting specifically). I'm just not happy with how the posts look in specific areas, and I'm updating them all to reflect the formatting I'd like to proceed with. I also added another better song to the I'll Be There elimination if anyone's interested. <3 Love you all, and thanks for participating in this rate. I'm falling more and more in love with this group every day.
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  20. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    LET’S GO
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