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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Story of a Heart is a classic Steps ballad.
  2. I wouldn’t class It’s The way you make me feel as a ballad tbh

    Most fans seem to hate When I said goodbye and Light up the world era is better best forgotten.
  3. Heartbeat is right there.
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  4. I'm definitely pro When I Said Goodbye
  5. I've rarely seen anyone say they hate When I Said Goodbye? And a lot of people love Light Up the World...

  6. They just put Scared of the Dark (from the Party tour) on YouTube. Hope the rest of the concert appears over the coming weeks - especially One For Sorrow
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  7. It’s the only Steps single not to have a remix it’s annoys me sometimes
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  8. Someone from their team viewing this thread?
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  9. Omg right??

    If youre reading this please stop trolling us and release Love You More 2018 will pay for it
  10. When I Said Goodbye is beautiful. I found it boring and didn’t appreciate it as a kid, but at 31 it definitely shines as a mature, gorgeous ballad.

    Now, Words Are Not Enough is a different story... true boring dud of a ballad. Definitely didn’t deserve to be a single over Only In My Dreams.
  11. The problem with When I Said Goodbye (apart from me hating it) is it kills the momentum of any show. Heartbeat fits with the upbeat number but When I Said Goodbye just doesn’t go with anything else they’ve done.
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  12. I agree with that. It doesn’t need to be performed, ever.
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  13. I agreed with you until you said about Only On My Dreams deserving to be a single. Words Are Not Enough//I Know Him So Well was a dire way to end things. They should have had a double a-side of Baby Don’t Dance//Words Are Not Enough. Baby Don’t Dance would have been for the office Christmas parties. They could have had 2 maxi CD’s with a new b-side on each and mixes.
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  14. Yeah, Baby Don't Dance would have been a better final single. An appropriate title too.

    I see where they were going with Words Are Not Enough, ballads usually do well at Christmas.
  15. Do you think baby don’t dance would of charted even though they spilt at the time ?
  16. Yeah I get where they were going with the release but to have BOTH Words and Know Him was just so misjudged. There was no need for I Know Him So Well when Baby Don’t Dance was there!
  17. MB


    Wasn’t that just because of the PWL rule though? So the other side to words would have had to have been a PWL recording?
  18. I meant instead of Words are not enough, not after.

    Allegedly, yeah.
  19. Baby Don’t Dance was scheduled to be released before the “letters” were handed. It even had a dance routine, etc.
  20. Baby Don’t Dance is shite so let’s be glad they didn’t inflict that on us.
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