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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I would kill to read their whatsapp group chat
  2. You know damn well the whole thing would be boring af. H using too many emojis to convince the others of his ideas while they all shoot him down...repeatedly.
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  3. Lisa being iconic and messing up with predictive text.
  4. Lee putting everyone on block so his phone doesn’t go off every 5 seconds.

    So glad they’re sticking with Tears On The Dancefloor’s sound. It’s really the perfect sound for modern day Steps and anything else would be subpar for them.
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  5. The only issue with sticking to the Tears On The Dancefloor sound too faithfully is that there will be the inevitable comparisons that the material isn’t as good as Tears. They should look at evolving it slightly which i’m Sure they have. Although, please no dodgy Dancing With A Broken Heart style covers. Story Of A Heart style covers are fine.
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  6. MB


    But who’s to say the material won’t be as good as Tears? They’ve had 2 years to find the best songs possible.

    It’s funny how that one story/quote from Faye has got the gays going over board! The gays on my insta are all quoting it and saying they’re excited - as are people on fan sites like ultimate Steps. It’s exactly what they’ve been all saying for a year! Great to have a little bit of hype though.
  7. Its going to be VERY hard to top Tears, one of my all time favorite albums, and a pop gem.
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  8. They can easily make another album as good as Tears. They don’t change their sound, which is a great thing, because they know what works for them. I wish more artists had the same self awareness. There are plenty more dance-pop bangers where Tears came from.
  9. Weirdly, I know someone who had their submission rejected for the new album because it sounded too similar to the material on Tears - so there must be a slight evolution of the sound
  10. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are more than capable of keeping the quality level up but I can just hear the army of moaners comping that there isn’t songs as good as Scared Of The Dark And Neon Blue, or that the lead Single is too weak and not a patch on Scared Of The Dark etc...
    I know it was going to happen anyway but if they set out by saying they are keeping the sound it will only amplify these naysayers.
  11. I think the sound will be slightly more grown up. Maybe even a bit darker... a new Deeper Shade Of Blue esque feel maybe? Whatever we get, I’m just happy that it’ll be 2020 and we are getting another Steps album. What a time to be alive!
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  12. I’d like the new album cover to pay homage to the STEPTACULAR album cover like ‘TEARS...’ did to STEP ONE.
    It’s such an iconic album for me. Christmas 1999 was my favourite Christmas ever.
  13. That was also the cover for the US version of Step One. And inside for the band description, they all had “personalities” like the Spice Girls, it was super cringe, all I remember is Lee was “Sensitive Steps” lmaoo
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  14. I’m pleased that the album won’t deviate too much, STEPS really u derstand their place in pop culture and what their fans want.

    11 glossy disco bangers and ballads are all I need.

    Tears On The Dancefloor was brilliant for the simple fact it modernised the classic STEPS sound. There’s an understanding of how they fit into modern dance music.

    Scared Of The Dark was an absolute monster of a song, it’ll be hard to top no doubt.
  15. Can't wait for the new material. Of course they should stick with the same sound as Tears - if it ain't broken, why fix it?
  16. Relatable though.
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  17. Oh my! What ‘personalities’ did the other four have?
  18. Hyperactive Step
    Gadget Step
    Party Step
    Sensitive Step

    Was Faye "Smiley Step"?
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  19. I’m guessing, by process of elimination, that Claire is gadget step? Amazing.
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  20. Guess who was Party Step biatchesssss

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