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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I am going next year, I’ll sell an organ if I have to (liver is done though).

    And [email protected] secretly enjoyed Steps’ concert. I agree theres just something about them, I remember turning around and the ENTIRE arena was singing and dancing at the same time. Magical.
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  2. My husband and I still think the last Steps concert was the best concert we've ever been to, and we've seen almost everyone. Technically, they aren’t the best singers, technically it wasn't the most amazing set/spectacle we've ever seen, but we came away having had the 'time of our lives' and nothing has ever quite matched the sheer joy we felt at that show. What Steve Anderson did with the likes of One For Sorrow just elevated the songs to another level. It was magic. Plus I've never seen a more full arena for the warm-up act.
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    I think getting another good “warm up” act for the next tour is key as well. The vengaboys did an amazing job.
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  4. I could do with out Can You Feel It in One For Sorrow ever again though.
  5. The Vengaboys are probably one of the best warm up acts I've ever seen. The whole arena was up for them. Fantastic choice.

    And I will be forever shocked at just how good that show was. Everything was right, from the vocals (which were absolutely awesome in places), to the stage, to the new life Anderson breathed into some of those tracks. It breaks my heart that we don't have a studio version of Love U More. The live one is good, but I need it beefed up to 100 in crystal clear quality. Same goes for the other mixes though - he did some amazing work on that tour. I think they'll struggle to do better than that to be honest. They just got it so right.
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  6. I actually loved that
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    Faye was on the Sara Cox show this morning - mainly about Jamie but she mentioned they'd be officially announcing the album soon and recording it soon. Nothing we don't already know, I wouldn't be expecting any official announcement of release etc till early next year though as opposed to 'soon'.
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  8. Maybe they’d release a surprise summer bop to keep us happy (dreaming)
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  9. They've not recorded yet, so keep dreaming.
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    Lee posted a pic with (some of) B*witched earlier. They'd be a great support act for the tour next year. Or someone similar.
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  11. People like B*Witched I’m Irish and I don’t like them are awful, worse than boyzone or westlife (cringe)
  12. I love B*Witched.
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  13. B*Witched would be great, but if they can get the Vengaboys to support them again on the next tour then... Why fix what ain't broken?
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  14. if its I'll be skipping B*Witched ill pick the opening act
  15. Same, I was such a loser I had all their singles - props to them for having bsides too. The way the whole stadium sang and danced to C’est La Vie at Spiceworld was amazing!
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  16. I'd be happy with Vengaboys again. Or why not B*Witched & The Vengaboys. Fill that arena up nice and early.
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  17. Would prefer someone different from vengaboys next time. S Club!!
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