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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. MB


    Let’s not be scraping the bottom of the bargain bucket just yet!
  2. I’d say Aqua but they’ll pull out again last minute.
  3. maybe they'd be more invested if they were invited to support the arena tour? would be great to see them there with them! if not,Vengaboys will do just fine. They were possibly the best opening act I've ever seen at a concert!
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Rachel Stevens and Ill die
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  6. I’d love it if Scooch supported them.
  7. With allSTARS* as the second support act!
  8. They were still invited to support them on a tour, how much more invested would they have to be?
  9. Damn auto correct lol I meant skip, but to whoever said Scooch, hell yes

    I need to hear more than I needed to know in an arena it’s a banger
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  10. Of course, its great to be invited to be involved in any tour. But my point was more along the lines of - in terms of quality and production, the arena tour was leaps and bounds ahead. The Summer Tour was so much fun and I enjoyed it, but it was nowhere near the levels of the amazingness of the arena tour that preceded it. Plus, Aqua cancelled to take a headlining tour so you can't really blame them...
  11. B*Witched supporting would be amazing if they did the Abbamania medley all together!

    Just listened to it randomly and I love that it's basically Claire and Faye with 20 backing singers, aside from the B*Witched bit in the middle.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Not to be getting too ahead of myself, but I really hope Tragedy isn’t the encore on the next tour. It’s just a little too obvious by this point.
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  14. Tragedy as the encore is just a tradition by now I think...tbh I think the issue is that I'm not sure what could really take its place. Mayyybe One For Sorrow? I think the encore needs an Iconic Steps Bop With Dance Routine, and Tragedy just fits it so well. Stomp could work maybe? But I don't actually mind Tragedy as the encore anyway.
  15. They could maybe end on Scared of the dark - I think it's what they were planning for Party on the Dancefloor but they found a really good opening for Scared
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  16. Scared Of The Dark has more than earned its place as a potential encore candidate.
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  17. Agreed! Those violins suddenly starting on the intro would be perfect for an encore.
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  18. MB


    Claire was on Lorraine this morning, nothing new although she said they'd "started working" on the album. Whether that means they've pressed a record button yet who knows!
  19. Lisa’s sent the group WhatsApp a Never Or Now zip folder with “sing this bitches xx”.
  20. They’ve probably picked the songs for the album and are in production. Doubt vocals have been put down yet.
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