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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I’ve been waiting patiently for all of those to leak in full and have them on my phone.
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  2. H allegedly heading to Dancing On Ice
  3. Or just a nice bit of Steps promo - album 6 expected this year?
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    Oh god I hope not but I can see it happening. Would be great for the band though as it gets a lot of viewers so nice bit of promo leading Upto the album. Sure Lisa could give him some tips!
  5. Awee that's nice! Break a leg H!
  6. I didn't realise they started teasing the series this early!
  7. The names usually leak relatively early as they need to use public ice rinks for training so they’re probably trying to get ahead of those reports.
  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Did we find this out?
  9. MB


    “Stepping out”

    Great that H is doing DOI, will help boost them back into the public eye - fingers crossed they negotiated a performance deal into his contract!
  10. Looks like the upcomming tour is going to be crowded!
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  11. If they follow the same template/release schedule as Tears and the singles, then DOI would finish the Sunday before the lead single is released....
  12. There weren’t too many performances last year, but can you imagine H taking less pay for a performance slot?...
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    Faye’s on Build on Wednesday. Tagged as “su2c” not sure what she’s doing for stand up to cancer?
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  14. Probably chatting about her Mum’s cancer and lending her support to the cause.
  15. A clip of Claire's Wildest Dreams appeared on last night's BGT
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  16. Faye gave a tiny little tease about the 6th album during her build chat

    - “we’re unapologetically doing pop songs”
    - Steps not officially a ‘reunion’ - likes to think of it as chapters and we’re about to enter chapter 4
    - “things are bubbling along nicely”
    - “We get Liza back when we need her” (it was noted by the host she was recently in London)
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  17. [​IMG]
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    What I don’t understand is why they’re all being so coy about next year? Are they not allowed to announce it? I get why they kept Tears a secret and the comeback etc but seems strange they’re not just saying “yep new album out in the spring” both Faye and H’s interviews over the last couple of days have been very coy about it. Everyone knows it’s happening, you’ve bloomin recorded the whole thing so why not just say so?
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