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Steps - 6th Album Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Okay Steps have had 1 and a half hits there (I know they had more), PCD aren't big enough to carry the rest, and Australia just never was that much into pop as the UK is.
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  2. Steps shoulda just done a small theatre tour down there in the big cities with the Vengaboys.
  3. MB


    This and pricing them at ridiculously high prices to begin with!
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  4. W2K


    I mean it is...slightly ambitious isn’t it?!
  5. Australia was the first place outside of Sweden that ABBA had a hit.

    The Eurovision Song Contest is so popular in Australia that they became the first non-EBC member to take part.

    Australia LOVES pop!
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  6. Truth. Also, Tina Cousins was hugely successful in Australia. Far more successful, over a longer period of time, than Steps were (I believe). That is not only revenge for Deeper Shade of Blue but evidence of amazing pop music taste.
  7. Screaming at these replies. You must have forgotten how pop was never played on the radio in Australia, was always a dirty word, how pop magazines always struggled there, how many UK acts tried and failed to break it, how it's a country that always preferred rock / live / 'credible' musicians who played instruments, always asking people to sing live, and so on.... Maybe leave some Australians to speak on it like @ohnoitisnathan @LP or whoever has lived there.

    But sure Tina Cousins had a career there, they love pop!!!
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  8. Oh for fuck sake, come off it. My reply was ever so slightly tongue in cheek. As if I'm so deluded to hold Tina fucking Cousins as the barometer of pop music acceptance anywhere (as much as I love her). That was hugely condescending and the part about leaving Australians to speak on it was unnecessary. Christ almighty.
  9. Mine was cheeky too relax.
    Also. They... will know better / more?
  10. There are a few likely issues with Australia not selling, but most of it comes down to promotion and lineup. We love pop music, but the lineup consists of a few big names and a bunch most people probably have no idea about.

    I’ve only seen a few Facebook promos about the concert, nothing else. Given the high ticket prices they should be pulling out all the stops to drum up interest. *crickets*

    Steps - As much as I love them, they’re pretty much only known for 5678 by the general public. Their reunion made no waves down here because there was no demand and also no promotion.

    PCD - They were huge here back in the day, but most people probably wouldn’t even know they’re back and have just released new music. There hasn’t been a whisper of promotion.

    Sophie - Murder on the Dancefloor is a classic on most pop playlists. But aside from that and Get Over You she never had much ongoing success.

    The rest - too obscure to draw a crowd.
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  11. .....being an Australian who has lived here since birth, I can tell you that we love pop music here.
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  12. Well I was taking before your birth sis.

    And nobody’s saying Australia doesn’t love pop at all. Just not enough to make these tours a success.

    Also how many cancelled Little Mix tours is it now for pop-loving Australia? Two?
  13. LP


    I can confirm that Australia does not indeed "love" pop - @Vasilios hit the nail on the head for all the reasons. Also let's not the put any less importance on the tall poppy syndrome :Kylie had to go over to the UK and make it big before Australia really accepted her as anything other than a singing budgie. The pop acts that are lauded on this site are seen as a dispensible novelty and inauthentic. The only way to battle that is to play a bloody guitar and/or seen to be humble ie. PINK. The place is a shambles.

    They bitch and moan that no one comes then when Janet, Madonna, Britney or Whitney come they rip them to shreds always citing some shit excuse for the barrage of uncalled for mysogynistic shit press that is thrown their way.

    As for using Eurovision as an example of this is a complete mess. Eurovision is seen a fucking joke and something that is most definitely not taken seriously, it's a complete piss take. The only reason for the interest and inclusion is due to national pride. And by national pride I mean the migrants' connection to their family's place of origin.

    I'll be back when Steps actually release something.
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  14. Australian radio was very anti-pop/dance until the mid 90s; at least in my state. And then, it played 'safe' dance/pop, like Real McCoy, Corona, M People, etc. You wouldn't hear 'harder' stuff like The Prodigy... or even 2 Unlimited.

    But pop/dance did reasonably well on the Australian charts during the 80s and early 90s, despite radio not playing it. The harder-edged stuff did less-well, with some exceptions, though.

    The Australian music 'establishment'/press always viewed guitar-based, male-led acts as being more inherently credible than, say, female vocal dance-pop.

    Tina Cousins' 'Forever' and 'Pray' were big radio hits. As was Steps' 'Last Thing On My Mind'. Things had changed by the late 90s, but you still wouldn't hear clubbier stuff like Sash! or Faithless being played on the major FM stations, outside of chart or (supposed) listener-voted countdown programs.

    The first Kylie track that received heavy rotation on FM radio in my state was 'Put Yourself In My Place'. Not even 'Confide In Me' was added, as that was pre the major makeover. 'Some Kind of Bliss' got played a lot - not that it helped its chart peak at all.
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  15. Wasn’t the last So Pop concert very successful with Aqua and Vengaboys?

    There has also been no promotion for this tour. I’ve only heard about it on here.
  16. W2K


    It'll certainly be interesting to see what the future holds for this tour, I'm not overly confident...
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  17. MB


    It was but I’m sure the venues were smaller and tickets probably cheaper. Thankfully it’s not billed as a “steps” tour although I’m blaming the lack of success solely on that god damn awful new logo!
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  18. This probably feels like a UK tour of Aqua, Christina Milian, Kaci, City High, O-Town, Lutricia McNeal and Aaron Carter in 2020. All big names in their day but not enough of a draw for people to actually buy tickets and not local enough to kickstart nostalgia.
  19. MB


    Where can I buy tickets for this superstar tour?
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  20. Your dislike for me is quite laughable. Stay pressed, darl.
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